+60% of Chinese Tourists in Cambodia

Many opportunities for Cambodien tourism companies, more and more Chinese spend their holiday in their country, and they are becoming more and more rich (and like to spend their money).
In 2013, China has overtaken (Sout) Korea to become the 2nd largest tourist source to Cambodia, with 305 500 visitors, up 47%, up  ( according to the data from the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism) . V

ietnam remained topped the chart among the top ten tourist arrivals to Cambodia with 584,800 tourists during the January-August period this year, up 12 percent year-on- year.

It added that during the first 8months of 2013,  Cambodia has received a total of 2.77 million foreign tourists, up 19 % every year.

Cambodian Minister of Tourism

The minister said the country has set a target to attract between 1.5 million and 2 million Chinese tourists by 2020.
  • “Chinese are rich now, more and more Chinese have been visiting abroad every year,”
  • “Close ties between Cambodia and China is an essential base to attract more Chinese to Cambodia.”
  • “Excellent ties between the two countries and improving Cambodian tourism quality and services will encourage more Chinese to this Southeast Asia nation in coming years,”sources globaltimes.cn
Cambodian Minister of Tourism Thong Khon attributed the rise of Chinese traveller to  attractive sites such as the Angkor Wat temple, a World Heritage Site, the beautiful coastline, like one of the top most Beautiful Bays.

Angkor welcome 201000 Chinese travellers (+60%)

Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temples (more information here), one of the world heritage sites. This Buddhist temple complex in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world and attracted 1.57 million foreign travellers in the first nine of the year, +6% compared with the same period in a year earlier. During the January-September period this year, the monument welcomed 201,000 Chinese, +60 %.
cambodia Chinese tourist

“China is leading the growth of tourists to the site this year thanks to Cambodia-China excellent ties, broader promotion of the Angkor to the world, and more direct flight connection between Cambodia and China,” Chhoeuy Chhorn, administration chief of the Siem Reap provincial tourism department said.

Last year, the temples attracted 2.06 million foreign visitors, up 28 percent year-on-year.

Chinese Tourist main characteristics

Chinese tourists use to do a lot of Shopping and purchase gifts, and local products.
Chinese cambodia shopping
They also like entertainement and will eat local food, sing in KTV and go to bars. They enjoy massage, and local SPA beauty services
You still have a lot of travellers with low budget, but more and more rich Chinese Business men travel in Cambodgia and like nice hotels. View more information about how to promote your Hotel
hotel Chinese cambodia
80% of Chinese people will search information online before their travel , and 66% will use Internet to book flight, hotel and prepare their trip. You will find a lot of useful information on many websites about Cambodia, and users’ experiences.
Look this for example
entertainment cambodia china

What kind of Marketing for Cambodian tourism professionals

A website in Chinese

It is the base of every online strategy. A website in Chinese will help you to inform visitors and get a booking.

Promotion of your website

As you should know Chinese do not use Google, but more Baidu (70%) Market Share. So to promote your hotel you should do Search Engine Optimization on Baidu.

Tips for doing SEO on Baidu

  • Adapt your website structure to Chinese
  • Create Good content
  • Frequent Update
  • Promotion, and Backlinks in Chinese to your websites

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Social Media

With a Social Networks website, you can attract Chinese visitors. they use to search a lot on Weibo or tourism platforms.

Being active in community management, answering their question, give useful information will help professionals to get visitors.

More information about Social media Promotion.

PR Campaign

To influence High-end tourists, a PR campaign can be very useful. Magazines, and online news, it is a budget but a good way to increase your image.

Multimedia tools

Video and beautiful photos are also a good way to let people discover your hotels, resorts, discos, and tours package…

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