Who is the Chinese tourist today?

This article will give in depth into the changing behaviors of Chinese travelers and how the global industry is adapting to these changes.

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The profile of the Chinese tourists

The majority of the Chinese travel abroad has been for leisure purposes, while just over half have also visited other countries for business or education. There are 96% for the travel for leisure and 52% for business travel.

The TOP 5 of item hoteliers offer for Chinese tourists

–       73%: free WIFI

–       43%: Kettle

–       33%: Slippers

–       29% smoking room

–       18%: Chinese TV

These figures can be very surprising because we are not used to see this type of service in the hotels. But Chinese people show new needs concerning the travel sector. The travel agencies and hotels have to adapt their offer to the needs.  That’s why, new services are appearing like the translated welcome materials (20%), the hotel website in Chinese language (19%), the translated tourist guides (16%), the Chinese tea (15%) and the Chinese breakfast (14%).

The factors which influence Chinese people concerning the hotel reservations

Safety is one of the most important factors when Chinese tourists are looking for a destination to travel. Indeed, there are various events of violence in France, which have a big impact on their decision. Chinese people want to feel security and safety everywhere they go.  After, the ease of visa application process is another factor. Lots of countries begin to facilitate the visa application in order to attract more and more Chinese tourists. We can list other factors like:

–       Value for money: 30%

–       Shopping 17%

–       Hospitality of locals: 10%

–       Historical and heritage sites: 39%

–       Cuisine: 29%

–       Climate: 19%

–       Good public transport system= 9%

What do they want in the hotels?

Chinese people like comfort in the hotel they have chosen. 66% want restaurant inside the hotel and 16% would like a swimming pool. Shopping is also very important (18%). There are good clients for the big brands of luxury.  Other hotspots are essential for Chinese tourists:

–       Bars: 18%

–       Casino: 7%

–       Gym: 14%

–       Business centre: 21%

–       Spa: 9%

The most favourite destinations

We can do a TOP 10 of the destination where Chinese travelers want to travel

  1. Australia
  2. France
  3. New Zealand
  4. USA
  5. Switzerland
  6. Singapore
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Taiwan
  9. UK
  10. Canada

But the reality is not the same. Chinese tourists are more used to travel to destinations, which are closer like Thailand, Japan, Malaysia or South Korea.


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