Chinese studying abroad market is booming

China has the most overseas students

Although the education system has been improved a lot in China, it still can not satisfy the Chinese who have a growing requirement for the level of education. Many Chinese believe that the studying abroad standard is better, moreover, the experience of studying abroad can be beneficial to find a job in China. It explains the reason why more and more Chinese students choose to continue their higher education abroad after high school or regular college. China has become the first country that has the most overseas students, more than the United States, Japan, and any other country.


The three main channels for studying abroad

1. through the intermediary agencies

There are more and more studying abroad agencies in China, especially in recent years. These agencies offer a range of services including the introduction of universities, advice for choosing a major, the list of required documents, the examinations, and interview guides… Some agencies are also in charge of providing a house abroad. Intermediary agencies are an efficient and convenient channel, but how to find a reassuring agency is the hardest problem.

As half of the research is happening on the internet nowadays, most people look for agencies online. Preeminently above all the rivals and winning the trust of customers has become an important objective for all the agencies. They adopt many technical ways such as SEO and SEM, press relations, and social media … in order to optimize communication, especially online communication.


2. through the exchange programs in Chinese universities

Many Chinese universities have created a cooperation relationship with some foreign universities, especially for some majors such as foreign language, finance, science, etc. Continue higher education abroad through exchange programs is better because it is reassuring and practical, but it needs also some necessary conditions, for example, first of all, it is necessary that the Chinese university where you study has one or some exchange programs with the foreign countries; and then, it is obliged to pass some selection competitions organized by the two universities.

3. DIY – apply for the school personally

It means that the students do all the steps themselves, from the choice of the university and the major, to the visa application and the housing. It is a long and complicated course that needs lots of time and patience. It has to begin the preparation at least half a year before going abroad. However, it is an exercise to gain some experience.

In order to attract Chinese students, many foreign universities are beginning to make or strengthen their communication in China, just like the ways of the intermediary agencies, SEO, PR, social media… for increasing the popularity among the Chinese.

A new trend in these years


In the past, the countries which Chinese students preferred are English-speaking countries, like the United States, England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, etc.

But there are some changes nowadays, although there are still many students choosing these countries, the number of students who go to small-language countries grows significantly in recent years, especially France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and South Korea.

One reason is that the communication between China and these countries is becoming more and, and another reason is that now many Chinese people can speak English, and the Chinese people believe that it is helpful to find a good job if they seize another foreign language except English.

more information about the Chinese Education system is here and here

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    Hello. I am Jennifer, Marketing Manager in RPC ESL CENTER here in Cebu, Philippines. I am very interested to promote our ESL School in China however, I am not connected to any Chinese educational consultancy. Would you mind sharing your ideas with me?

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    My name is Guillermo Beitler president of American International Sports and Education Inc. we are a organization that help international high school students study abroad in America. We offer 3 programs for students to study abroad. I would like to know how can I find partners in China. If you have any information to give can you please email me back. Thank you

    • Olivier

      Hi Guillermo,
      We have sent you an e-mail, looking forward to hearing more about you!

  • Hi Olivier

    I run a group of ESL schools in the U.S. and we’re looking to get more Chinese students. If you have a few minutes to talk, I’d love to learn more about what you do.


    • Olivier

      Hi Tristam,
      Yes we can exchange via skype. 🙂
      Add me olivier.verot

  • Ana Hereros

    Good morning,

    We are a small company based in Mallorca (Spain). We offer language learning holidays. I am trying to find the best way to reach Chinese students i.e. agents who deal with this market, etc. Your advice would be appreciated.

  • Hello, I am a Canadian PGA Class A golf professional and have my own junior golf academy, name is GolfMecca Junior Golf Academy (GMJA). Our golf academy is certified golf institution that authorized by Canada BC School District and operating the University entrance golf program for secondary students. We are looking to get overseas students from China, because we know that golf is booming in China and many of junior golfers want to be professional golfers. Can your company do the marketing and recruiting for our golf program in China? Please check our website.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon.
    Thank you.

    • Olivier

      Hi Tommy,
      Your email does not work

      Yes we can help you
      Website in Chinese
      Working on your keyword on Baidu like golf Canada,
      Put good review about you on CHinese internet
      And put good press articles with nice photo of your Golf

      After this, we can also contact Golf in China and ask them if they are interested about partnerships or special programm for their members.

      More information here

  • Hallo, your posts are very interesting and I would like to submit you a question.
    I started more than 10 years ago my activity, in organisation of training courses for Chinese officers (Study travel for Chinese government officers program).
    This kind of training are less and less allowed by Chinese government. I would like to reorganize my company and offer my expertise and skills to other target.
    I know chinese travellers are more interested in tailored travel, they like to experience in different fields (cooking, painting, singing) or have short study travel (fashion, agrifood, social science, culture).
    I want offer some interesting products for such kind of travellers and sell this product to Chinese travel agents (who are often not able to understand the potential of this field).
    Can you support me in such job?
    Silvia Ronzoni

    • Olivier

      Yes of course, send to us an email, and we will analyse this.

  • Congrats, very interesting article. I used to work with a Business School in France and Canada, their target for 2013: More Chinese Students 😉 and send more Students to Shanghai, Beijing

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