Chinese social media were heated by the US presidential election

The neck-and-neck US presidential election has not only drawn the attention of Americans but also aroused the hottest discussions in the rest of the world. Chinese social media users had plenty to say about the US presidential election. The American election has been among the most popular topics on Weibo since the 3 November and with the victory of Joe Biden, this topic was classed number 1!

However, different from the comments in American social media, in China, the US presidential election was a kind of entertainment for Chinese spectators in a chaotic society, or this election even gives Chinese people inspiration to hardworking…

Topics relating to the US election have been trending on China’s most popular social media platform Weibo – the Chinese equivalent of Twitter for days, with “#US Presidential election” attracting more than 730 million views. That Donald Trump’s reported plan to file lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Georgia, has garnered more than 100 million reads in one hour. Let’s see together what Chinese netizens are talking about.

Trump suffered heavy losses. Those who listened to him didn’t wear masks and died, only the rest of them are left to vote for him.

No matter who is elected, China must be self-reliant.

No matter who will be the U.S. president, the most important thing for China is to be strong.

Trump, you’ve only lost the post of president, but we’ve have lost our source of jokes.

Trump may say: This election is not finished cause I am not the president!

Don’t forget that Trump still has two months of presidency. He can do anything (to surprise us).

The votes are not for you (Joe Biden), they are Anti-Trump.

Just like a lot of Americans this year, Trump had the COVID-19 and got fired.

Besides Weibo, the Chinese netizens have also expressed their comments on WeChat-Chinese the largest social media. For example, Mei Xinyu, a researcher at China’s commerce ministry, said on WeChat: “It is a victory for Biden, not a victory for China. From a long-term perspective, it is possible that it even won’t be a victory for the US. Calm down, observe, and think.”

“I would like my daughter to be able to come back (from the U.S.), but she can’t because it’s too expensive and dangerous to travel with so many coronavirus cases around the world.”

Weibo: the largest open social media in China

The topic of the U.S. presidential election has now more than 1.73 billion views on Weibo. Weibo is the largest open social media in China, just like Twitter. This platform has more than 550 million registered users, it is thus a powerful marketing tool for campaigns like KOL marketing, and event marketing in order to gain great visibility in a short time.

Compared to Weibo, WeChat, the largest Chinese social media, is a community social platform, as users should be invited to be able to see the content. People gather together for the same interest or just because they know each other. There are official accounts on WeChat,  where users can make comments under posts.

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