Chinese Skincare Market is a Goldmine, and we will explain to you the methodology to Win and promote your Brand in China.

This Market is the largest in the world estimated at US$22 billion. It is growing rapidly day by day among major skincare markets. Nowadays Chinese skin care market became a gold mine for many foreign brands. It all happened since this market is growing rapidly, consumers are willing to spend more on High-Quality skincare products.


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This article will analyze Chinese Skincare Market and how it will help you to clarify in easy steps how to enter this Market.

Are you still wondering about that? Then this article is for you.

Skincare in China takes its roots back to the history, they have developed various treatments. Historically, China were developing beauty treatments made of natural herbs, rice water, oils and powdered pearls. Today Chinese consumers have developed more sophisticated skincare routines. Chinese consumers’ demand rapidly evolves, and they are more open for new trends and technologies in skincare.


Perhaps lots of us already have heard a saying that “If we could manage to get just 1% of the China market, we would be a massive success.”

  1. Chinese Beauty Market is huge and has plenty of opportunities for Foreign Brands.
  2. One thing that you will need to understand, this market is challenging the same way as attractive it is.
  3. As you already know, this market is huge yet its highly competitive especially in terms of foreign brands from the US, Europe and Asia.

Foreign brands are still dominating at the market, but at the same time local brands are catching to the latest trends really easily and quickly, which allows new brands to appear and develop at the market again and again. In addition, the demand Consumers are becoming more sophisticated and they are looking for more innovation.


Nowadays Chinese Millennials are using skincare product earlier than it was used to be years ago. For instance, Generation Z are more prone to use cosmetics Products, especially Skincare Treatment in this sense is the Priority. In order to succeed in this market, Skincare brands should catch Millennials at an early stage while they are discovering their journey in the world of Skincare and Cosmetics.

Chinese Beauty Consumers are expanding their “daily beauty routine“ by adding more steps, since it is so important to have a beautiful and healthy looking skin. In their basic daily routine of applying facial cleansers and make up removers, females added more products such as an application of essences, serums, toners, moisturizing creams and eye creams.

More than 70 % of Chinese Millennials on a daily basis also use facial masks and sun protection products, which therefore leads to and average 5-6 steps of daily routines. Moreover, beauty “mature” women above 35 years old, they are also more interested in saving glowing skin and taking care of their daily treatment products more deeply, by adding 9 steps in their daily skincare routine.


Today, on average, the Chinese spend three hours every day on their smartphones, mainly on social media and e-commerce platforms. Hence, a strong mobile presence is fundamental to a brand’s growth, development and continuing presence in the Chinese market. China’s digital marketing landscape also shifts rapidly. Hence, foreign firms that are reacting slow to online trends can be left behind very quickly. Brand managers should also note that China has a domestic substitute for most international websites and social media platforms.





Let’s start from the basics, simply Branding is everything in China. Chinese consumers are more interested in branded products. Today Brands play a big role in decision making of beauty consumers.
Simply your brand become as an anchor point to help consumers navigate the great number of products offered by Skincare Companies.

These worldwide brands take part 54% cosmetics Chinese market. At the head of ranks, the famous brand Procter & Gamble which represents 15% of the Chinese market. The American multinational sells beauty and cosmetics products dedicated to the mass market. At the second place, L’OREAL is part 10% of the market. The French brand is the beauty goods worldwide leader and offers to consumers, innovating and quality products.

The German group named as Beiersdorf, has also a great influence on the Chinese market especially thanks to the Nivea, Labello, Eucerine and Handsaplast brands. These brands are popular and highly demanded not because they are popular abroad but just because they’ve been investing in Branding in China.

Therefore, building and having a strong brand gives you an opportunity and more chances to succeed in the market. Chinese beauty consumers perceive branded skincare products as high quality products. Therefore, entering the market as a Foreign Brand allows you to have a that advantage byword for quality in China, which can be a pay off in the long run.



In China, it is recommended to pay attention and start building your Brand’s reputation, since English content, positive reviews western media platforms will not be visible on the Chinese net.

In addition, Mandarin Chinese Characters are used in the vast majority of internet research (over 97,5%). Remember that Chinese web is a unique ecosystem that requires a fresh and creative approach, right Chinese platforms should be chosen to build your visibility & reputation in order to target your consumers.



Being visible online especially on Baidu for Chinese Beauty consumers is highly important. Baidu is a similar to Google, yet it is having more power in the market with with 80% market share in the search engine market. However, operate Baidu is not the same as Google. Baidu is dominating in Mainland China,  It handles about 6 billion search/queries per day on average and has over 60 million viewers per day as well. In China, Baidu has covered 95% netizens in China to increase brand visibility and attract more traffic, there is no second choice except Baidu whether to put ads on it or optimize organic searching results. At the very beginning, it is very important to draw more potential customers’ attention on Baidu while you’re increasing your brand awareness.



In order to expand your Brand’s visibility, setup of Chinese website is a plus. Consumers treasure their time when browsing website during searching. If the loading speed is too slow it may affect the potential consumers’ attitude toward your brand as a small or low-quality company. Or, they shut down the site and turn to your competitors. In regard of a faster loading website, it is suggested to have a hosting inside Mainland. We usually have the server locating in HK though, and it perform well also. But if the brand is qualified to have their website server inside, the performance of website will be way much better. In addition, Be aware of sensitive word. Hence, due to China censorship, sensitive word cannot be included. So, be aware of some sensitive word related to China policy or regulation is important to have a good content website. In terms of PPC, you should have an account on Baidu to place ads.




Before Chinese consumers purchase a specific skincare product, they take time to make a deep research on analyzing the reviews and comments of other users. Its critically important to purchase a product that has already won good reputation comments from different other millennials, since the market is quite full of all sorts of brands and Skincare products.

And simply it is reasonable enough, that they would like to choose a product that is high quality and in addition its totally beneficial and it has no flaws according to the Reviews and blogs. Since whenever it comes to the Skin, its simply a matter of being very careful on what they apply to their skin.

More than 90% of Girls indicated that they conduct extensive research before they buy skincare products and online plays a critical role in this research.


There are huge amounts of information on skincare brands across multiple channels in China.
E-commerce websites such as T-Mall and JD are the main channels for browsing across brands and offerings, while social media also plays a critical role in building brand awareness and helping consumers develop product and brand knowledge. Chinese Beauty Consumers use a different way to research information.

In addition, XIaoHongShu (RED) is one of the booming Chinese Beauty Platforms is Little, it is highly popular among Chinese ladies. It has more than 5 million monthly users, which are searching the reviews on products that they are willing to purchase. It means that XIaoHongShu (RED) is one of the top useful platforms to promote your brand and win the trust of Chinese millennials.


Online Trends nowadays are highly important and more than 90% are influenced by it. Beauty Consumers are constantly craving for some Beauty trends, they search on new Products, 
Reviews, they Check Beauty News. Various Online Beauty Platforms, Magazines are informing Chinese millennials by giving them new ideas of Skincare Trends, New Brands. E-commerce websites such as Tmall and JD.Com are always offering beauty consumers plenty of new trendy products. Moreover, apart from all of these influencing factors, of course, a great impact comes from Social Media and Influencers (KOLs).


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