Chinese Sex Frequency Higher than Average, Survey Finds


Sexual Wellbeing Survey in China, 2012

.Durex is a foreign brand that really succeeded to enter the Chinese market. The brand made a sex wellbeing survey on Chinese people that was launched around Valentine’s Day. The result shows Chinese still put love before sex. 72% male and 75% think females’ emotional demand is more than that from males, such as the feeling of being loved, respected, and intimate. 85% of the females believe sex enhances the relationship of couples. The survey also covers sex frequency, satisfaction, education with both surprise and warning inside.

Chinese people have a higher sex frequency than global average level.

The survey shows 31% of Chinese have sex twice a week which is higher than the world average of 21%. And the people who have sex more than 3 times a week accounts for 24% of the respondents which is also higher than the world average of 19%.

The survey also discovers the great geographical difference in sex frequency. Professor, Liu, associate research fellow from China Population and Development Research Center, explains that the local culture can have a great influence on this index. The result shows, 84% of Guangdong people have sex at least twice a week. Tianjin ranks last in this with 48%.

chinese sex frequency

Besides the place, another factor that influences sex frequency is age. People who have the highest percentage of sex over once a week are those between 25-34, following are those between 18-24. It also reflects the fact that the prime time for people to have sex is between 18-34 years old.

chinese sex frequency geo-diversity

Sexual satisfaction decreases

From the survey in 2006, the Chinese people who are satisfied with their sex accounted for 84%. While it decreases by 5 percent this year. To be more specific, physical satisfaction increases by 4% while emotional satisfaction decreases by 5 percent. It shows the emotional communication needs to be strengthened.

chinese satisfaction degree

Geographically speaking, Guangdong people are the happiest people, 89% of them are satisfied with sex, on the other side, Fujian people are the most disappointed ones, only 68% of them think they are satisfied. In terms of age, like sex frequency, people between 25-34 rank No.1 on this with 85%, people from 18 to 24 follow, at 83%.

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The rate of sex at first meeting shows a trend of substantial growth

In 2006, only 26% of the respondents accepted sex at the first meeting. And in 2011, the data has raised to 45%. Therein, 52% male and 34% female accept.

sex at first meeting chinese

The young people from 18 to 24 are the most open group of people to this, at 53%. 41% of people ranging from 25 to 34 are ok with that. In East China, people are more tolerant of sex at first meetings than others. Especially people from Jiangsu, with 79% and the least acceptance from Hunan with 24%.

First sexual experience comes earlier

In 2006, 12% of 16-18 years old people experienced their first time. While in 2011, the same data has increased to 22%. Although it is still lower than the world average of 16%, it is still a potential danger because of the lack of sex education.

Sex education level decreases

In 2006, 50% of respondents need more education about sex and in 2011, 10% more people want to get more sex education.

chinese source of information
Professor Liu also explains that the source of information is too concentrated on the Internet: 50% of the respondents get their sex education via the Internet which is a mingling of good and bad. One reason for this is the lack of formal education: 48% of respondents get information from books, 13% from newspapers and 18% have never been educated at all.


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