Chinese Seniors Tourists Boom After Golden Week

.Today is Chong Yang festival for Chinese. It’s the most important day for Chinese senior citizens. And this year, many seniors chose traveling to celebrate this day.


Why do senior tourists from China travel after Golden Week?

They choose to travel during the Chong Yang festival for two reasons: convenience and price.
Chong Yang festival usually comes after Chinese National Day holidays, or better known as Golden Week. As one of the longest public holidays, National Day is also when Chinese tourists travel most. While after the Golden Week, the number of tourists will decreases significantly. Chinese senior tourists prefer to travel when it’s not crowded.

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Another important reason for senior Chinese tourists to travel during this period is the cheap price. Most of them still travel in groups and after the Golden Week, almost all the travel agencies will see a significant decrease in number of tourists, so they will lower the price significantly. Taking this year as an example, after the Golden Week, the price of a trip to SE Asia decreased 20% to 40%.


Change of Chinese senior tourists

Compared with other demographic of tourists, Chinese senior tourists are evolving.

Senior tourists are more generous

Senior tourists are increasing in number; the percentage of senior tourists to Europe is increasing every year. What’s more, they are spending more. Most of them are retired high executives with a golden handshake. So they are not as sensitive to price as before.

Senior tourists are more professional

Although most of them still travel in groups, more and more senior tourists are trying to enjoy their trip in their own ways. Special items like camel riding, motor riding in the desert, gondola sailing and any special extra items are becoming more and more popular amongst senior tourists from China.

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