In China, you can find the best opinion leaders on streaming apps. It is a prime market for finding both well-known Chinese celebrities, as well as budding new internet stars. Lot of famous KOL had been discovered on this apps.

If you want to do business in China, you should understantd how chinese market work. It’s a key to succeed.

Chinese consumers, more than the others are very careful of the advice of opinion leaders. Research suggests that Chinese customers are more likely to buy a product when it is recommended by a trusted person. This opinion leaders are powerfull, they are able to boost a brand but they also can destroy it.

Live streaming apps are becoming one of the most important social media platforms for Chinese consumers. And in China, everything is very fast, that’s why live streaming apps also move very quickly.

KOL are considered as the future of marketing.


Here, a top 9 of the most famous streaming apps to find your own opinions leaders.



  1. YY

Launched in 2005, YY is the oldest streaming apps. At the beginning it was only for gamers but now, you can find lot of different users. There are several popular hosts which include singing, talk shows and dancing.

YY is a video-based social networking site. Today, the app has around 1 billion users and over 34 million active users.

On YY you can find specific pages dedicated to league sports and celebrities. It’s a great place to find well-know opinion leaders.

This app is also great because it has a built in currency system. Users can exchange ‘virtual roses’, which can be exchanged for real money.




This app is very popular with men and women in their 20’s.  It’s one of the most popular app in China with over than 50 million downloads. In adition,  the app is available 24/24, 7/7 without being interrupted by broadcasters.

There are a wide variety of opinion leaders on Ingkee including traditional celebrities, models, students with large followings, and internet stars.

Ingkee allows users to showcase live video while interacting with viewers at the same time. The culture of the app has been compared to that of reality television culture, with regular people livestreaming their lives to an ever-growing audience of Chinese consumers.



  1. Meipai


Meipai is a mix between Vine and Instagram. Users are allow to upload small videos ore pictures in a limited time.

Meipai is a well-established app with over than 570 million viewers. The users are mainly young women who came from medium cities. There are also some foreigners.

Each video has a range of different filters. The content on the app is very important for younger women who want to explore cosmetic and fashion markets.

Besides, a lot of the live streaming is based around everyday activities, this is a great place for companies who are looking for a KOL to use their product routinely.

As this app has a range of different video platforms, this is a great app for a recurring advertisement.

If you are a big companies, you can easily find the good KOL. You just need to have a a large advertising budget because Meipai is very famous so it’s a bit expensive to do advertizing on the app. Brands like Elle uses this app and it’s a success.



  1. Douyu


Douyu is a more specific streaming app dedicated to the gamers and people who like technologies. It has around 200 million active users

In China, gaming is very popular. The gaming industry in China is massive, in the first half of 2016 alone it took in RMB 29 billion. So this type of app is a great extension for tech companies looking for a Chinese opinion leader.



  1. Huya

Launched in 2014, Huya is an other old app for gamers. You can watch in live gamers who play online games.

You can also find some opinion leaders but they are more specific and they are less famous than on the other more modern apps.



  1. Huajiao


Officially launched in 2015, this streaming app is dedicated to chinese celebrities. The app introduced VR in his fonction. It is a very popular app which finish on top in 2017.

It’s not the most famous streaming app but if you are a small or medium sized companies you can find a good opinion leaders interested in your products. It less expensive and more accessible than other big apps.


  1. Panda TV

This app, launched in 2015 is dedicated to the live streaming PC games. They also target e-sports market. This app is very specific so if you are a technology or computer company you can easily find a opinion leaders who have knowleadge in your field and who can become a good tool to communicate on your brand.


  1. Yizhibo

A young streaming app. Yizhibo was launched in May of last year. In few months, the app had 7.73 million daily users. A lot of chinese celebrities joining the craze.

This app is partnered with Weibo so if you have already a weibo account, both are linked. You don’t have to create a new account.

The broadcasts are organized in categories so for each category you have a special opinion leaders.

The app is mostly use by millenials who follow some opinion leaders. But this target is very special because they take few seconds before decided if they like or not the broadcast. So, you have to find opinion leaders who have a high volume of fans.


  1. Dou Yin

Dou Yin is also a young app. Currently, they have not a lot of users but if you are a small companiy it is probably the best app.

The app allow you to make short videos with different animations.

But be careful, as it’s a new app, the accounts with a lot of followers are not necessarily opinion leaders.




You have a lot of opportunities to find your perfects opinion leaders. You have to decided on which streaming apps you want to be see. For that, you need specialists of the chinese market.


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