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Media Buying/Native Ads in China Services

Audit & market research

We analyze and assist you in developing a strategic plan by defining a target audience for your project.

Native Ads Management

Registration process in china often feels complicated and endless, let our experts take care of it for you

Native Ads Campaign

Optimization of your landing pages and website for optimal results. Banners Ads and Videos Ads campaigns creation.

Baidu Paid Ads

Run Ads on Chine #1 Search engine & Increase your Visibility drasticaly

Omni-Channel Strategy

Get more results with Paid Ads by implementing an omni-chanel strategy

Data Analysis + Reporting

Montly report & consulting on the status of your paid add campaigns

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Online Paid advertising in China - Kuaishou Display Paid Ads

Media buying Project audit

Let us find out where you are at compared to the competition, what improvement can be made to your website, how is your website ranked, who is your target audience and what are the best tools and platforms to efficiently reach it.

B2B China - baidu sem

Landing page Optimization

Adapting a concept for the Chinese market is not a single process it varies greatly depending on different platforms being utilized, formatting, specific media strategy types, the target audience & products/services in question. If simply translating your content sounds like the most efficient option it turns out not to be always true. The content needs to be created for the Chinese mindset.

Paid Ads Campaign + Reporting

Less present than at the beginning of the web in Europe, banner ads are still widely used in China! There are two types of banners: static and animated that will have to be chosen according to your project/budget. The latest trend in DSP is the video short video platform. Chinese netizens consume a lot of short videos (Weibo, Youku, IQIYI, Tencent, Douyin…) The next step after launching a campaign is an accurate analysis of the results every month. We sit together, discuss and correct the direction of the campaign for the coming month.

China Media Buying/Native Ads - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Native Ads efficient in China?

You can reach Chinese consumers on the app they use the most and increase your visibility with ultra-targeted ads.

Can I run Paid Ads on Mobile phone?

Direct response mobile advertising is a rapidly growing and evolving market filled with opportunities for both users and advertisers. In a broad sense, mobile media buying includes any advertisement that appears on a mobile web page or application. 95% of Chinese consumers are now using their phones to shop online, and your brand can engage these consumers through direct response mobile advertising

What are the best platform to run paid ads in China?

Weibo and Douyin are particularly efficient. Toutiao is another winner when it comes to native Ads, especially for B2B companies.

It is necessary to combine media buying to others marketing tools?

The use of social media is key in China if you are a brand. It should be an important part of your strategy if you want consumers to engage with you. Being visible is just not enough in the middle kingdom, you need brand awareness.

Do you need to combine Paid Ads with Baidu SEO?

Baidu is an inevitable step in the Chinese consumer’s journey. Someone will see your ads and if interested will open Baidu to look for info about you. If you are nowhere to be seen, it may be problematic

Where can I buy advertising space on the chinese internet?

Here is the most used China’s social media advertising and marketing share in 2016: Tencent: 52,4% / Weibo: 28,4% / MOMO: 2,4% / Baby Tree: 1,5% / Baidu Tieba: 0,7% / Others: 14,6%