Your Ultimate Guide to Chinese Linkedin: Maimai

Your Ultimate Guide to Chinese Linkedin: Maimai

Maimai, widely known as Chinese Linkedin, is an incredibly popular career and social networking platform boasting 110 million verified members. It’s the go-to site for professional networking in China today.

As a spin-off of the popular platform Linkedin, Maimai has changed the game in social networking. In the past couple of years, Maimai has made significant strides by tailoring its features to Chinese markets – offering an anonymous chat option, mobile version capabilities, and real-name registry services along with smart partnerships with market leaders. The impact is undeniable as Maimai’s popularity seems to continue to grow.

Linkedin is off the Chinese market: Maimai fills in the gap

LinkedIn, the world’s most renowned professional networking site, launched a China-specific adaptation in 2014 to ensure it adhered to that country’s strict online regulations. The website ran comfortably for several years until October 2021 when LinkedIn announced that it would be shutting down its Chinese version to comply with local laws.

LinkedIn’s recent departure from the market has opened up a big opportunity for Maimai. The Chinese career and social networking platform has quickly taken advantage of this. It turned out to be not only the biggest China-based platform but also the top professional networking platform in terms of user rate.

With LinkedIn’s unexpected exit from the market, Maimai had a tremendous opportunity presented to them—one they seized quickly. As a result, it has become not only the most prominent China-based platform but is also currently seen as one of the premier networking sites in terms of user engagement.

What type of demographic makes up the user base of Maimai?

In Maimai, the vast majority of members are male- accounting for a full 60%. It also comes as no surprise that the majority of Maimai users are highly educated, with 70% holding a bachelor’s degree or above.

Most Maimai users range from 23 to 35 years old, making it the optimal platform for those who are in between jobs or shifting professions. Maimai is mainly used by urbanites in cities like Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Beijing.

What is more, 85% of Maimai users have above-average expense power. Maimai users boast an impressive average monthly discretionary income of RMB 8,800 (US$ 1,300), almost twice China’s average pay.

Maimai users are mostly employed, with the majority holding white-collar jobs. Most Maimai users have knowledge or experience in start-ups.

Your Ultimate Guide to Chinese Linkedin: Maimai

What makes Maimai essential for businesses?

With an astonishing 80 million users, MaiMai is a rapidly-growing platform. When targeting the Chinese market, utilizing local platforms is essential to ensure you are connecting with the most fitting businesses for your company.

MaiMai is the perfect solution for businesses seeking relevant companies, clients, and investors quickly. Connecting with potential partners through traditional or international platforms can be time-consuming; with MaiMai businesses gets access to essential contacts without a hassle.

It’s a frequently used platform in China and yet many businesses are unaware. It is an opportunity for foreign businesses to create a firm foothold and build up their contacts before the competition moves in. Navigating the corporate landscape in China can be an overwhelming task, so establishing a direct line to key contacts is invaluable. At GMA we can help you get started on the platform and generate valuable leads for your business.

What are some useful features of Maimai for businesses?

Your Ultimate Guide to Chinese Linkedin: Maimai

Maimai search

Maimai’s search feature is its most remarkable asset since it allows you to explore 6 distinct categories: names, job postings, anonymous posts, trend topics, market news updates, and real-name stories. With such a variety of resources at your disposal – the possibilities are endless.

Maimai VIP

Businesses can join Maimai for free; however, VIP accounts cost around 70 CNY per month and give you access to extra features. Moreover, businesses have the option of advertising on Maimai’s platform. Subscribers must pay a fee if they want unlimited access to search results—regular accounts are limited to ten connections monthly while VIPs are allotted forty.

Your Ultimate Guide to Chinese Linkedin: Maimai

Maimai ads

Maimai offers beneficial advertisement options to businesses aiming to increase their Chinese presence. Advertisements are integrated based on the profile of the users, making them more likely to click and share.

How to use ads on Maimai?

Maimai offers beneficial advertisement options to businesses aiming to increase their Chinese presence. Advertisements are integrated based on the profile of the users, making them more likely to click and share.

For users, display ads are an effective way to garner attention quickly and direct brand exposure, promotions, or top-notch content.

Content ads help drive home your message by providing customers with the information they can trust and use when making purchase decisions while increasing their awareness of the brand. Enterprises can build up their influence through workplace live streaming, recruitment plazas, and other event momentum activities.

What lies at the core of Maimai’s achievement?

Maimai was expressly crafted with Chinese culture in mind, and its founders understand their users like no other. As the only platform designed to meet the needs of China’s distinct networking system, Maimai has created features specifically tailored to user expectations.

Undoubtedly, Maimai’s anonymous social networking feature has been a major contributing factor to its success. Through this function, users can comfortably share their honest thoughts about the companies they work for without fear of repercussions or judgment.

In modern-day China, laborers face immense anxiety in their daily lives. That’s why Maimai is such a blessing for so many; the platform provides users with the ability to express themselves without fear of exposure and seek new employment chances. From airing grievances to asking inquiries anonymously, Chinese individuals flock to Maimai due to its anonymity and job-hunting capabilities.

Do you need help opening an official and verified social media account in China?

If so, we are here to assist you. The process is detailed and requires a lot of documents – all written in Chinese. And it’s even more complicated if your business isn’t registered within the country! We can guide you through this challenge by identifying which platform best fits your needs and crafting a strategy tailored to your target audience that also remains within budget. Don’t go it alone – let Gentlemen Marketing Agency be there with you every step of the way!

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