Chinese Healthcare platforms are booming

Chunyu, DXY, Guahao and Sunnymum are some online platforms that help Chinese consumers with health themes. Healthcare online platforms have become very popular services by Chinese consumers due to their helpful in the daily life.

Internet and the digital world have increasingly more presence in the people’s daily life. Nowadays, all kind of APPs and online services are being developed in order to provide all type of services that people could need.

Users are most demanding in regards to online and mobile services, therefore some APPs are being designed to satisfy the users’ needs such as healthcare.


That’s the reason why many internet giants have decided to invest in health-related startups such as DXY, Chunyu and Guahao to tend the customers’ concern about health.

Each APP or online page is created to provide different pre-medical services. Due to the growing importance of these services, Tencent has invested in DXY, the largest online healthcare service community in China with around 4 million registered members. Through DXY, physicians, health care professionals and pharmacies can discuss new clinical findings or gain advice from another physicians.


Chunyu is a mobile healthcare service that enables users to make inquiries to professional doctors about their potential diseases and symptoms. Users also can ask questions on forums or make phone call to physicians. This app has become an important service which connects patients and doctors.


Guahao is another healthcare website which has received an investment from Tencent. Guahao means scheduling a patient appointment in Chinese language, which is what the company does. Through Guahao, patients are able to schedule appointments with doctors based on location, medical specialties and other criteria. In addition member can read medical advices. The site has over 37 million verified users, around 120,000 registered doctors and cover more than 900 major hospitals in China.


Sunnymun is a mobile healthcare app. Launched in August, this app is focused in pregnant women and recent mums and provides them a quickly access to doctors and also allows them get information about important healthcare issues. During the pregnancy, women experiment big changes on their bodies and they have a constantly need of information about those transformations. In addition, the babies bodies evolve quickly and first-time mothers are looking for advices and information to understand the whole process.

Sunnymum includes an online course called ‘National Pregnancy Nutrition’ and also allows members schedule appointments, as reported by Jin Liang, founder of the company.

According to Jin Liang, the company is evaluating the possibility to collaborate with smart hardware companies, as others healthcare webs do.


The firm wants to collect a big amount of data during the pregnancy complete process in order to help doctors to make better diagnoses and provide an efficient service to pregnant women.

A giant healthcare network in overcrowded China

As reported by the company, they already have partnerships with more than 380 maternity and childcare hospitals and account with over 3.000 doctors on the platform. Besides, the healthcare service has intention to connect the doctors and members in an offline expansion.

Internet has a strong influence on our lives and many companies are developing sites or apps in order to facilitate our daily life and provide us an easy access to several services.

Due to the increasing worry for health by consumers, many companies have created business around healthcare services in order to meet their needs and offer them a quickly solution to their possible doubts.

However, it is still necessary to have a proper marketing strategy to promote theses services and make Chinese people aware of their existence. If you are interested to increase your presence in China, contact us.



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