Chinese God of Wealth VS Western Valentine of Love

love vs wealth

Today is February 14, Valentine’s Day in the west and also “Chu Wu”, the fifth day after Chinese New Year, which happens to be the day for Chinese to welcome the god of wealth.

The coincidence that the two popular holidays happen to fall on the same day dilutes the festivity of both. However, Valentine’s Day seems to be the losers.

Cold Valentine's Day in China
Cold Valentine’s Day in China

As reported by some newspapers, the sales of followers this year decreased by about 30%. A poll even shows that 70% of the people decide to do nothing for Valentine’s Day this year. Other market related to Valentine’s Day such as chocolate market, candy market and gift market also see decrease.

On the other hand, the sale of fireworks has only decreased 20%. And it’s mainly caused by the air-pollution and regulations!

chu wu
celebration for Chu Wu in China

In fact, the fireworks played on “Chu Wu” are even more than that on Chinese New Year’s Eve which is supposed to be the most important day during the whole year for Chinese people. But the fact is in front of wealth, all the festivals are out.


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