To good to be true ?

You may have already seen this kind of trap, especially if you are a woman often looking for some cheap clothes on the internet. The concept is to promote fashion clothes on Facebook or on other social medias, using the sponsored ads which directly bring you on the e-commerce website once you clicked on. The main target are the women and the products proposed are often wonderful dresses or chic top. You will see beautiful models wearing those clothes in an attractive way.


But the most impressive are the prices of the goods, they are cheaper than discount clothing boutiques. You can find beautiful dresses for $15, fashion bikini for $4, chic top for $10 and more… Everything is made to attract you. Even the websites look safe, with professional graphics and celebrities’ photography such as Katy Perry on advertisements. Every looks great in a wonderful world, but in fact, it’s not! It’s too good to be true …



Reality vs Expectation



Actually, the websites are Chinese e-commerce companies specialized in clothing and looking for customers outside China. They use many different platforms and names such as SammyDress, RoseGal, RoseWe, TideBuy, Choies, RomeWe or Zaful. The thing is when people received their command, the products they ordered doesn’t look the same as the pictures on internet at all.


Made in china

The clothes are made of low quality materials that can be dangerous for your health especially for children, the colours are bland, sometimes they smell like chemical, the sizes are often smaller etc. And if you you want to get refund, it’s really hard and this is why we can call it a scam. Without any surprises, the customer service is located in China and is barely reachable.


There is a huge amount of complaints against those websites on the internet. A lot of Facebook groups have been created to inform people of the practice, and to avoid more victims. But the sellers are determined to keep their business profitable and tried to hide all the complaints.


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  2. Wow this is so chocking! I didn’t know that there are dangerous for our health. I know that they are bad quality and often smaller. I think that it is better to buy clothes more expensive rather than to buy something very cheap and which are bad for your health. Thank you for this article.

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