Why the Chinese are buying luxury goods ?

What are the Chinese are obsessed with Luxury Brands?

The largest consumer of luxury goods is Chinese. in 2015, China has 596 billionaires in the US dollar and a growing middle class, they caught up with other countries quickly. In a country where social status is important, it is natural to see that the Chinese want to assert their social status at all costs by buying luxury goods, enjoy unique journeys.

Luxury buyers in China are from a new generation, younger than in the West. These consumers buy mainly Luxe to affirm their social status and success, it is called in China: the Face “mianzi” in Chinese.

luxury Chinese

Willing to spend more than a month to pay it, a young Chinese will buy a Louis Vuitton bag not to be different but to integrate. This luxury bag reflects the person’s social status, the Chinese enters into a dream life.

The Chinese have gone through several phases of decline and domination by the West and major cultural revolutions. By becoming the second world power China shows its ability to recover. Buy luxury is therefore a symbol of success for Chinese. Afford to pay for all kinds of products is a medal that China won it deservedly.

Although for a long time, buying a luxury item was a means to belong to a social class elite, now Chinese consumers increasingly buying luxury goods because they desire it.

The Chinese made an association of some brands in some countries, Western brands enjoy a high recognition from the Chinese. When travelling in Europe or the US, the Chinese like to buy brands from these countries to show their loved ones, everyone where they went travelling.


They are particularly attached to the French brands. France holds the top spot for the perfume, cosmetics, fashion and bags. For example, wearing Chanel made a part of a bourgeois class which gives the Chinese a sense of prestige and propel them into world-class.

The majority of wealthy Chinese now prefer to buy abroad when travelling. Indeed, the import tax is very high in China and the Chinese have realized that it has become much more advantageous for them to buy abroad.

French brands are the first choice of Chinese to offer gifts to their relatives. A trusted brand is important in purchasing decisions, especially as a gift. The Chinese are cautious and are slower to adopt new brand. Brands need to gain the trust of the Chinese consumer, which takes time.

Cartier Rouge

Chinese consumers are learning a lot about brands before buying, they are more informed than before. The information is part of the purchase process of Chinese consumers. They are mainly looking for product quality because of counterfeit in China.

In 2013, 70% of seized counterfeit products come from China. That is why the Chinese buying luxury makes much attention to the quality and authenticity of the product.

Moreover, Chinese consumers are buying on different channels, with the explosion of e-commerce, luxury brands have the interest to thrive online. To better understand the consumers, you need to have an active presence online and ready to communicate with the Chinese consumers.

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  • I am happy to know about the new addiction of the Chinese. When I was in France, the majority of the client in the Louis Vuitton shop were chinese and they spent so much money. I didn’t understand why they like are so obsessed about luxury goods. Now I understand the reason of their addiction.

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