Now is the time to get familiar with Bilibili, a quickly growing video streaming platform in China. Bilibili, nicknamed “B Site” (B站, B Zhàn), is a video-sharing website based in Shanghai, that got popular thanks to its huge anime selection.

In this blog post, we will introduce you to the Bilibili app and share some of our tips for the best marketing strategy for this social media platform.

Introduction to Bilibili

In a nutshell, BiliBili is a video streaming platform that offers live-stream videos and games, and anime content. In many ways, it is like YouTube, but with more gaming content and features.

Bilibili users can buy virtual tools online via ads or content creators’ shops. One thing that makes Bilibili so popular is, users are allowed to exchange experiences and leave comments while streaming.

Bilibili’s success is largely due to its unique “bullet comments” feature, which allows users to leave short messages that appear on screen at specific moments. This makes watching videos more interactive and engaging and encourages people to connect.

Bilibili Marketing

Bilibili statistics

Users of Bilibili are young, which is a trend seen in other social media platforms during their beginning stages. Most of the users are below 25, that’s why it’s been referred to as ‘China’s go-to spot for Gen-Zs’.

With Chinese people locked indoors due to mandatory lockdowns, over 300 million citizens use the site monthly on average. The amount of time spent per user on the platform each day was over 3 hours! -the highest in company history!

Bilibili has a large, captive audience and it offers big marketing opportunities.

But where do you start?

Start with creating a Bilibili account

Please note that the platform is only available in Chinese. Bilibili, similar to other Chinese platforms, requires a phone number to set up an account. However, they are unique in that they accept phone numbers from outside of mainland China.

You will need to confirm your identity by taking a picture of yourself holding your photo ID. Once again Bilibili is an exception when compared to other Chinese platforms. It allows you to use identification that has been issued from another country.

You need to complete more steps to open an influencer or business account. Considering your content will rank higher in search results, and you have access priority for partnerships it is worth the hassle.

Bilibili Marketing

Bilibili: Is it the future Video Platform in China?

Bilibili has discovered how to keep users dedicated and engaged on the platform for long periods. It receives a specific level of interaction from its users daily. Companies outside of China can be skeptical of investing in new platforms, unsure of whether they’ll take off.

However, the content on Bilibili is relatively high-quality content tends to create greater organic reach and conversion rates. Which also leads to higher returns on marketing investment. And if there’s one thing we can be certain about, it’s that a dedicated user base and quality content are key to success. Bilibili seems to have figured this out and is doing a great job at providing both.

Tips to boost your company’s reach through Bilibili marketing

Use the on-screen comments to your advantage

The unique feature of Bilibili’s video player is the bullet comments or Danmu. With YouTube, usually, a viewer would wait until after watching the entire video to leave a comment. However, with Bilibili, your audience can share their feelings right away. Brands can use this by creating content that builds anticipation.

Verification is the key

The earlier you verify your account, the more exposure your content will have. Additionally, having a channel with a high-level verification status is like being awarded in the eyes of your audience. Currently, only companies from mainland China, the USA, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, and South Korea are eligible to apply to be verified.

Involve your audience in your marketing campaign

If you wish to create content that would appeal to Gen Z audiences, have someone from that generation take part in your campaign. This will make it sound less like something an outsider would say and transfer your values more effectively. Plus, having a familiar voice oversee the project, provides quality assurance.

Videos about Genshin Impact on Bilibili

Make use of all the available advertising

Bilibili’s launch screen ads are popular in China for a reason. They smoothly integrate with video banners, giving you the ability to create many points in a single ad. Moreover, Bilibili makes it easy to launch a landing page within the app – something that is critical in China as mobile apps receive more screen time than web browsers.

Learn how the algorithm works

Encouraging user engagement on Bilibili is crucial because the platform promotes content that users show interest in through likes, coins, super likes, favs, and bullet comments. Using the advertising opportunities on Bilibili, it is essential to urge your viewers to interact with you and your videos. This is by far the most organic way to get potential viewers interested in what you’re posting.


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