Chinese tourists are changing the world. That’s a fact.

More and more netizens from China decide to travel abroad on vacations. And as you may know, these travelers have a very high purchasing power.

Chinese tourists in few sentence

  • Over 149 million travelers in 2018
  • Over $277 billion spent during their holiday in 2018
  • 4 billion trips on the domestic market
  • Leader of the global outbound tourism market
  • Up to 30,000 visitors deliver to a destination by a single travel agency
  • Visitors spending on average around $1,300 per trip

“the most powerful single source of change in the tourism industry” Taleb Rifai, secretary-general of the World Tourism Organization

More and more luxury hotels target these waves of travelers. But how to be sure they’ll choose your hotel instead of your competitor next door? With Chinese people, whether you’re on the domestic market or abroad the only real competitive advantage you’ll get is an efficient digital branding.

Hotels are big fans of direct booking. But unfortunately, the purchasing habits of Chinese clients towards the hotel is not direct. 90% of them do not proceed to direct booking. And having some clicks on your Ctrip page doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll end-up sleeping at your place. (Especially if you’re not working on your branding…)

Understand that for them, branding is everything. They could spend 10x the price for something branded compared to something not branded. And without it, the only way you’ll have to drag Chinese tourists is to use a discount strategy with different promotional offers.

Which sounds pretty cheap for a luxury hotel.

Luckily for you, we’ll give you here some tips to properly brand your hotel and how to build a reputation in China that will drag clients by itself.


Take care of your visibility.

In China, they need trust before establishing any commercial relationship. They don’t want to pay for something and realize later on that they gave money to a fake brand or fake company. Be sure they know you or that they can find information about you.

So, here’s what you’ll have to do:

  1. Localize your Content 

Having an official Chinese hotel name is the minimum. First, they’ll understand it. Second, they’ll appreciate the effort you’re putting in considering them. Cause yeah, their language is Chinese… not everybody speaks English. Moreover, be sure the online booking website you’re working with is not changing your name online without your consent. Cause yeah, it may happen.

  1. Develop a website in Chinese.

Being referenced on some booking platform won’t be enough. They will probably check on your company by themselves. So you’d better make up a Chinese website, registered on a Chinese domain and designed following the Chinese features.

  1. Be present on Weibo

Weibo is like the Chinese Twitter. Probably the most popular Chinese social media. A tool that will help you to reach a wild audience and engage with potential customers. Due to the high visibility, you can get on this platform, we recommend the use of KOL. Meaning influencers that could promote to their vast network. Chinese people are very suggestible. It’s therefore, a perfect way to build visibility and a good reputation.

Mind the importance of social media in China.

The digital world is highly important here. And your fame will be your best friend.

  1. Wechat, the leading APP in China

Very famous in China. Almost everyone uses it here. It’s a messenger app offering you the possibility to share content with your “friend” such as text/videos/pictures/music/etc. On WeChat you can also use group chat. It gives Chinese people the possibility to organize group discussion, talk about their problems and how to solve it, but also talk about new trends, where to go in holiday, which place to visit, where to get discounts, and which company to recommend… Open a WeChat account, it’s worth it. It will help you to interact with your community and create engagement. 

The best tools WeChat can offer you:

  • Create a company brochure
  • Spread marketing content
  • Spread coupons/discounts to your followers
  • Work on your community management
  • Use WeChat mini-programs

  1. Douyin, the leading video app in China

It’s a video sharing application. Young and middle-aged people love it. Through this one, you can create video content and spread it to a very large audience. Moreover, you can also spread some ads and sell your different offers on the app… If you play it smart, you can literally give thousands of peoples the opportunity to book a room in your amazing hotel! Fun & Intuitive, potential customers will love to interact with you there. It’s also a very good way to support your KOL strategy.

  1. Baidu, the leading search Engine in China

Baidu is the Chinese version of Google. Chinese netizens are always looking for information on it. If they have a problem: Baidu. If they’re looking for something: Baidu. If they want to book a hotel but don’t know if it’s a good one or not: Baidu… You can implement plenty of actions to develop your e-reputation on the Chinese browser. (And you’d better do… cause your potential clients will definitely check on you before buying anything)

  • Baidu Zhidao & Zhihu: a good way to deliver information and get positive reviews
  • Baidu Baike: the Chinese Wikipedia. Don’t underestimate it. It’s very important in China. You’ll need to make your own page there.
  • PR: Peoples want to read articles about you. If no media has written about you, then maybe you’re not that “luxury” …
  • Forums: If you’re the best hotel, you’ll be present in forums discussion. If not, well… you have to get people talking online about your hotel.
  • Reviews/comments: When Chinese are happy (or not) about something, they post an online review/comment. And you’ll need plenty of good ones. They expect high-end services. They want to see how people enjoyed their stay at your place before paying for your room.

With good visibility and a strong reputation in China, your sales will definitely reach new heights. You can now take control of your long-term strategy in China and get the amazing results you deserve. Your future online branding efforts will pay off. see more about Baidu Ads here



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