Chinese App Toutiao: Bytedance’s Social Media Platform Businesses Should Know About

Chinese App Toutiao

As the Chinese digital landscape continuously evolves with upgraded platforms, marketers are presented with both exciting opportunities as well as challenges. One such platform is Toutiao – an innovative social media channel that specializes in content aggregation and distribution. With this article, we will delve into all of the marketing potential offered by Toutiao to help you discover this very little-known social media application.

Toutiao: Sister app of the famous Douyin

While many businesses looking to expand into the Chinese market may be familiar with Douyin, its sister app Toutiao remains a mysterious enigma. Created by the same masterminds as Douyin yet largely unknown outside of China, it is high time foreign marketers uncover the potential benefits that this powerful tool has to offer.

Toutiao, a content creation and marketing platform owned by Bytedance, is rapidly becoming one of the go-to apps for Chinese customers. With its cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and advanced AI technology, Toutiao has become an incredibly useful tool to engage with potential buyers as well as influence their decisions while purchasing products.

Toutiao in numbers:

  • Daily active users on Toutiao by 2020: 28 million
  • Users’ Average time spent on Toutio: 75 minutes
  • Daily views of the content on Toutiao: 4.5 billion
  • Existing Toutiao accounts: 1.3 million

What makes the Toutiao app such a success in China?

Toutiao offers a wide selection of captivating content to explore

Through its advanced AI technology, it can deliver tailored content to users based on their interests, preferences, and browsing history. This platform offers news, photos, videos, hot topics, and more—catering to a wide variety of tastes with its diverse content formats.

Furthermore, they provide users with engaging activities such as live streaming and short video clips.

Toutiao makes a difference with its intelligent news aggregator

Toutiao stands out from the crowd due to its “intelligent news aggregator” that leverages artificial intelligence and thousands of partnered websites– from traditional journalists to influencers–to tailor a personalized daily news feed for the user base.

Toutiao offers a tailored user experience for each user

Thanks to the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, Toutiao has been able to construct personalized content for users dependent on their distinct interests and browsing habits. With this technique, they are capable of delivering tailored automated content that meets the needs and preferences of each user.

Why should brands do Toutiao marketing?

Toutiao has a high-profile audience from first-tier cities

The majority of Toutiao users are mainly situated in urban cities and are mostly male, aged 18-35. Moreover, a remarkable portion of them possess college degrees or higher qualifications; additionally, 30% of these people either freelance or run their businesses. This data indicates that there’s an abundance of young Chinese entrepreneurs who can be very profitable targets for Toutiao advertising campaigns within China.

Toutiao integrated with other powerful social media platforms

Toutiao has taken its success to the next level by integrating social features into its platform. This includes allowing users to register with popular Chinese sites such as QQ, WeChat, and Weibo. By tapping into existing social accounts, Toutiao can create an even better user experience that maximizes engagement and effectiveness for all parties involved.

By integrating Toutiao with renowned Chinese short video platforms like Douyin and Xigua Video, users are presented with a variety of options for media consumption. In addition, this allows brands to be more creative in their approach as they strive to connect and engage better with the ever-growing population of Chinese customers.

Advertising on Toutiao is relatively cost-effective

Toutiao marketing’s most popular ad formats include banner ads, feed ads, and open-up ads with the capability to display both videos and photos. When it comes to pricing, Toutiao is much more cost-effective than WeChat – its CPC ranges from RMB 0.2 – 1 while WeChat stands between RMB 2 – 5! This makes it a great choice for businesses looking to maximize their ROI on advertising costs.

Lead Generation - Toutiao Native ads - sell real estate in China
GMA Case Study: ads on Toutiao


Toutiao has surpassed its competition with advanced content intelligence, thus becoming one of the most powerful marketing platforms in China. Boasting over 280 million daily active users and a comprehensive ad network, Toutiao offers digital marketers vast opportunities to tap into Chinese audiences.

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