You have already read some of our articles about Little red Book and you are searching to form a partnership with this big Chinese social media? This article will provide you the information you need. For those who are not well informed about the advantage of using Little red book in their strategy, the section right below will give you some reasons.

How can Little Red Book be a useful marketing tool?

Little Red book or Xiaohongshu is one of the hottest social media platforms, most known for useful content sharing but also as a cross-border e-commerce platform. It has now over 300 million registered users and became officially a “unicorn company” as its value exceeds US dollar 3 billion.

  • Huge users base

LRB has an important number of active users. They are creating the content of the platform, sharing actively through their social network and so representing an important promotion force for the company. Xiaohongshu is trying to strengthen this sense of community. For brands shared on this platform, it definitely boosts their fame among Chinese users.

  • Customer trust

Nowadays in China, consumers don’t believe a lot in Brands but they refer to word-of-mouth and what they can find on the internet. While all the internet sources are not reliable, Xiaohongshu is different because it is based on user’s sharing. To market a product or a brand, it can be effective to use this platform. You have to manage the communication because bad buzz can also go viral among Chinese consumers.

  • E-Commerce

LRB has also an e-commerce section. Companies or merchants who have formed a partnership with the platform can sell their products online.  Like Tmall or JD in China, Xiaohongshu is known to sell authentic products. In China, counterfeit product still remains a problem for e-commerce. It is important to choose a trustful platform for cooperation in order to save your brand’s reputation among Chinese consumers. Little Red book is welcoming foreign brands to get in its platform because they can’t only rely on content sharing to develop their business.

What is the target market for Little Red Book?

Little Red Book is mainly used by post 90th generation (representing 70% of users). They are young and followers of the latest trends about cosmetics, travel, fashion, and more generally, they follow lifestyle-related content. They also have a good interest in KOL (Key Opinion Leaders) and celebrities in China. Females are the principal users of this app, but recently young males become more active users of LRB due to their increasing interest in cosmetics and fashion.

3 tips to improve your marketing strategies for Little Red Book

  1. Cooperation with influencers: Celebrities and influencers followed by many other users can create content for you and boost your business among Chinese consumers. Xiaohongshu itself used this strategy to reach a bigger audience. The app has become popular thanks to Key Opinion Leaders (comparable to macro-influencers) and Key Opinion Consumers (comparable to micro-influencers). In fact, many users use the app only to find the inspiration to live a better life, which they see in that of such popular personalities. KOLs and KOCs usually publish images, videos, and written content to recommend products. These posts are called “notes” on the app. Users truly trust the notes, that in order to be more realistic must not have a commercial flavor.
  2. Proper use of keywords: you must choose the most popular keywords among your target market and then try to let it become viral through the collaboration with KOLs and KOCs. Choosing to work with many of them, the chance to create a ripple effect will rise, where at the end of it, common users will become the first promoter of your brand. The “keyword system” can be compared to an SEO strategy, in a way. The keyword must be specific, don’t use many of them, and try to find the one most related to your products (not too general terms). In addition, you must absolutely add it in the title.
  3. Adapt your content: you cannot pretend that the same kind of content can work for all social media. If on Weibo or WeChat, promotional posts that tell the history of your brand through the use of high-quality images and videos and creative storytelling can work well, on Xiaohongshu, they are not a good option. Even the Xiaohongshu system penalizes this type of content. On the contrary, simple, and spontaneous images and videos, are well-accepted. Furthermore, we have another suggestion for you: try to use numbers, exclamation points, and emoticons with attractive colors (red, for example) to let your notes become viral!

To summarize, we can say that Little Red book has the capacity to be a platform for e-commerce, and its advantages are in its community of users. Considering the competition with Tmall and JD, the two-leading platform of e-commerce in China, Xiaohongshu is offering good opportunities nowadays as a growing company.

How to settle on Little Red Book as a third-party business?

The procedure could be sometimes a bit complicated to achieve, using Chinese and needing some paperwork. Our team is made of Chinese and foreign experts specialized in Chinese social media. Contact us if you are seeking to assign your business to the little red book Platform.

The procedure is split into a few steps :

Registration and Fill in the information

You have to register in the Little Red Book’s system (小红书入驻平台) as a merchant or a company. Once you received your code to log in to the system, you will have to provide information :

  • About the company: manager information, the address, the trade pattern (cross-border or inside China), the product shipping place.
  • About the business qualification: by providing business registration, certificate of incorporation, or other company registration file….. For more information about the registration on Little Red Book, talk to us!


Your application will be sent to Little Red book’s moderation team to confirm or not. According to the information on its platform, it takes about one week to get the answer.

It is possible to accept the terms of the contract online. Then, after the signature, you have to send it back to Little Red Book company. Before entering RED’s platform, each one has to follow and complete the training provided by RED. The time of the achievement depends on you.

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Agency: to get further help and advice

We are a digital marketing agency based in Shanghai (even if Red also is based in Shanghai …) and we help foreign brands to reach their Chinese consumers.

Nowadays, Chinese people have a huge appetite for foreign products and e-commerce platforms have become the channels of choices for Chinese shoppers looking to purchase such items.

Our team is up-to-date with marketing trends in China, and uses the latest digital tools to effectively promote your business in China. Take a look at our e-commerce services here.

If you have some questions about Little Red Book /xiaohongshu in China, feel free to contact us to learn more.


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