Your Guide to China’s Weight Loss Supplements Market 

China's Weight Loss Supplements Market

In China, as in many other countries around the globe, an increasing number of people are recognizing that maintaining a healthy weight is essential for a fulfilling life. Chinese consumers are consistently seeking products that they can rely on to help them manage their weight.

Therefore, China’s Weight Loss Supplements Market is predicted to skyrocket over the next decade, with a compound annual growth rate of 5.5%. By 2030, this market share will grow from its current USD 22 Billion in 2021 to an estimated USD 56 Billion – representing the remarkable potential for those interested in entering or expanding within this lucrative industry!

China’s health supplements market overview

Amidst the ongoing pandemic, Chinese netizens are paying more attention to their health than ever before. As a result, sales of health supplements in China have skyrocketed – last year sales revenue in the health supplements sector reached almost 300 billion yuan. With the zero-covid policy coming to an end and increasing fears of sickness in China, the health supplements market is one of the most promising ones for the next years.

Health supplements market in China

It makes sense that people would want extra coverage for their immune systems: after all, China is one huge market with a whopping population – meaning hundreds of millions seeking out dietary products from international companies as preferred choice within the country.

Market trends for China’s Weight Loss Supplements Market 

Supplement brands have taken the initiative to create a variety of weight loss and management supplements that provide an ideal blend of minerals, vitamins, probiotics & prebiotics amino acids as well as nutrition. This provides customers with all-encompassing packages for their health needs.

Manufacturers of weight loss supplements prioritize providing customers with products that promote comprehensive well-being, rather than just slimming down.

What is driving China’s weight loss supplement market growth?

China's Weight Loss Supplements Market

1. Covid-19 side effects: Sedentary life and emotional eating

Due to the pandemic, many have adopted unhealthy habits, dietary changes, and decreased physical activity leading to a sharp rise in overall weight gain. The Covid-19 pandemic caused extended lockdowns and forced gyms and fitness centers to stay shut down for months. This resulted in many Chinese people gaining bad habits and negative lifestyle changes. Working from home has also made it easier for Chinese people to give in to the temptation of comfort food.

Additionally, with continuous lockdowns, people in China have particularly experienced an increase in emotional eating habits. As a result, many are at risk for weight gain due to their access to and availability of food within their own homes.

China's Weight Loss Supplements Market

2. The increasing cases of obesity

The increasing prevalence of obesity and the numerous health problems associated with it, such as Cardiovascular type diseases, hypertension as well as diabetes is predicted to surge the demand for weight loss supplements.

China's Weight Loss Supplements Market

3. Social media campaigns for weight loss

The weight loss supplement market in China has been further driven by the tremendous success of social media campaigns for weight loss. In addition, weight loss coaches and influencers have emerged as trendsetters to influence people’s weight-related behavior on different platforms, such as Douyin and Weibo.

4. Growing concerns about physical appearance among youth

Recent surveys show that the majority of younger Chinese consumers, an average of 70%, are willing to pay extra for items such as organic weight loss supplements in a bid to better their overall health and well-being and most importantly their looks. Furthermore, the rising income levels and growing emphasis on sustaining healthy living are projected to fuel market growth.

GMA Case Study: Vitabiotics

What is the key trend dominating the weight loss supplements market?

The weight loss supplements market is rapidly evolving due to the emergence of new production technologies and cutting-edge products.

To maintain their competitive edge in the weight loss supplements industry, big brands are striving to create groundbreaking products that can quickly satisfy customer needs and strengthen their market presence.

For example, Nature’s Formulas has created BioFit – a revolutionary probiotic weight loss supplement made from natural components and setting the industry standard. This USA-based company is leading the way in quality nutritional supplements.

With an impressive amount of surviving, stomach-acid-resistant microbes and natural ingredients, this product is designed to specifically aid in weight loss without the need for drastic diet plans or exhausting physical activity. With no known side effects, consumers are promised to obtain a slimmer figure quickly.

The company has crafted it from the ground up so that customers have access to quick fat reduction through simple consumption—no surgeries required. It is no surprise that this product is what the influencers are talking about in the China weight loss market.

Lemonbox case

Companies are also meeting the demand of Chinese consumers in other ways. Lemonbox created a WeChat mini-program, where customers can fill up a formulary about their health problems and needs, and it matches those needs with recommended supplements, without the need for medical guidance.

What are the types of weight loss supplements?

Weight loss supplements come in many different types such as;

  • Liquid/ drink formulas
  • Powder formulas
  • Softgels
  • Pills or tablets
  • Chewable tablets

What do Chinese consumers prioritize when considering weight loss supplements?

When it comes to weight loss supplements, Chinese consumers prioritize foreign products for their reliability and safety. Organic or natural ingredients such as botanicals are highly sought after when making a purchase decision.

With the convenience of online shopping platforms, most users prefer buying online instead of offline stores. Additionally, KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) have a great influence on what type of supplement they ultimately choose.

Key companies in the weight-loss supplements market

To stay competitive, major market players are investing in developing new products while also pursuing collaboration strategies to aid in product research and development. In the global weight loss supplements market, some of these key players include:

  • GlaxoSmithKline 
  • Herbalife LTD
  • Abbott Company
  • Nestle Foods
  • Kraft HeinzAmway Corporation
  • PepsiCo
  • Ajinomoto 
  • Kellogg Company
  • Glanbia 
  • Kraft Heinz

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