China’s Top influencers are the main show on Singles Day

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What’s better than one bell ringing to mark the beginning of a new day? Two bells, that’s what! For the first time ever, an opening bell was not worth ringing. The group of Chinese live streamers stole all attention on Singles Day with their combined 20 BILLION RMB (or about $2 billion) in GMV! The two influencers who did this are Viya and Austin Li; they’re known as China’s biggest video bloggers or “vibrators.” Their Oct 20th-long live streams put up over 10 million followers during that whole. It’s no wonder that the entire Singles Day event and likely half of all sales on opening day in 2020 is a digital phenomenon. 

The Chinese government has invested heavily into their internet infrastructure, which makes it easier than ever for people from around these big countries to access every type of content. But the future of shopping festivals may be in question after this year’s Alibaba Prime Day, as many merchants said they saw lower traffic and sales.

The event was impacted greatly by third-party sites that are now taking over for the main platform to provide live streaming services. These hosted pages offered discounts not found anywhere else but at higher costs than usual during “normal” online browsing sessions with no added benefit other then being there LIVE from their homepage.

Li Jiaqi is one of China’s most popular male beauty influencers, but he was not the only one to have a productive day. Viya and Cherie also sold around 1 billion dollars in products during their live program broadcasts for Viya’s makeup line Immigrant Beauty Products Incorporated! Selling merchandise on-air has become a very common practice among Chinese streamers these days–and it paid off with sales numbers like these from two different channels who are known widely as “Lipstick Boys” by fans across the Asia Pacific region due mostly because they sell various items ranging from clothing lines all way up to high-end jewelry pieces directly through social media platforms rather than using traditional marketing tactics which many would say brings more authenticity versus other methods today.

The Jiaqi festival is the perfect opportunity to buy last-minute gifts, but buyers have had more bad luck than good lately. They’re canceling orders due to restrictions caused by covid 19 and its subsequent effect on trade in China.

The number of consumers ordering goods this year during The Qiapai Show was lower than expected–given that some were able to cancel their purchase throughout three weeks worth of celebrations (which go on much longer), it’s clear eCommerce has grown stronger following pandemic consequences including quotas limiting what can be sold overseas or via other channels while countries are recovering from these events.

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These two influencers have successfully created a new marketing technique that’s worth paying attention to. It may be time for you to rethink your advertising strategy and consider how influencer marketing can help grow your company as well. What are some of the things you currently do on social media? Do those tactics work for you or not? If they don’t, it might be time to start thinking about why and what other strategies could potentially work better than yours.

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