China’s Online Gambling Forecasts And Trends

It’s easy to think of huge casino hubs such as Las Vegas when the word ‘gambling’ is spoken, but Asia is also very invested in online gambling, particularly China. The market for gambling in China is huge, however, some of you may be aware of the regulations put in place over gambling in this Asian country, so how is gambling actually carried out? Well, despite having more limitations than over countries, residents in China can enjoy gambling and betting on their favorite sports, whether that is football or basketball. Perhaps you’re considering moving to China but adore your online casinos, or maybe you’re simply interested in China’s economy and legal system when it comes to gambling. Either way, all of the information about China’s online gambling forecasts and trends can be found here.

What Is Gambling Like In China?

Whilst China enjoys betting on their sports, this isn’t the only type of online gambling that they participate in. In fact, China is home to many betting forms, including lottery and several slot machines asides from sports. However, this is where regulations can become a little tricky. Some of these gambling methods, like poker or mah-jong, may be available on non-approved sites, and these are strictly forbidden in China. When it comes down to betting, all sports betting in China is completely monopolized by the Chinese Sports Lottery, and any violation of their regulations could provide you with severe consequences.

So, considering that online gambling is booming in China right now, surely it must be very much legal, right? Well, that assumption is actually mostly wrong. For the most part, online gambling in China is illegal, and therefore Chinese residents who like to indulge in online gambling usually prefer internationally licensed websites. Not only will this make online gambling easier for them, but they can also find online gambling sites that offer a whole range of different live casino games.

So, How Can You Bet In China?

Well, even though online gambling is mostly illegal in China, you can still enjoy some high-quality online casinos from licensed, legal sites. For those in China, most of these online casinos seem to originate from highly regulated countries, such as the UK or the Philippines. The reason behind this is that these countries both derive large tax revenue from gambling, and this doesn’t issue licenses to gambling organizations that aren’t reputable and scam their players. Therefore, when gambling in China, it’s likely that you’ll see residents using online casinos such as Bodog88 or 188bet for all of their betting needs.

When using these reputable online casinos, however, you’ll obviously need to put down a deposit – will this be possible with your Chinese UnionPay debit card? The good news is, it will be! For all online gambling activities, a deposit/withdrawal basis is used, so it’s only appropriate that the same is done within China.

Laws Of Gambling In China

China has the largest population in the world, so you can only imagine the profits that are made by the Chinese Sports Lottery and Welfare Lottery. Because of this, it would be foolish to regard China as completely anti-online gambling. Although a lot of online gambling activity in the country is strictly prohibited now, the rules and regulations are starting to change in China. While this might seem like a lot initially, only 347,000 citizens were prosecuted in China in 2012 for gambling-related crime, which is a huge drop from previous years. However, because of these current laws, there are a few things to consider when delving into online gambling. Of course, you should never use a site that isn’t regulated, but even when using a trustworthy online casino, it isn’t recommended that you brag about it. With China’s laws in place, it’s highly appreciated if you keep your online gambling activity discrete, so don’t gamble online in internet cafes or in public on your smartphone.

Sports Betting In China

So, the most popular form of online gambling in China revolved around sports, so you might be wondering how the Chinese do this. In America for example, a money line bet is highly popular and used by most sports gamblers, but what are the trends in China?

  • Football Betting

What you may not have known is that football was essentially invented in the country of China, which is why it’s so popular among Chinese habitats. There are many games within the Chinese sports lottery involving sports, including Optional Nine. This type of football involved home/away/draw selections across 9 football matches, but that isn’t all. There’s also Bàn quán chăng, which is tipping 6 selections on a half-time/full-time game. Lastly, you have Jin Qiucai, which is all about tipping the correct score across 4 matches, however the main method in China with football betting tends to be Optional Nine, except rather than 9 matches, it involves 14.

Naturally, placing your bets via an online platform differs from those online. Instead, the best way to carry out an ‘optional nine’ type bet is to put 70% of your stake on a 14-fold straight, then with the 30%, you should play this as a 13-fold round robin. Of course, the fewer bets that you get correct, the fewer winnings you will receive at the end of your gamble. Luckily, online bookies tend to have better odds in China, so hopefully, you will receive a bigger payout than you might have expected. With a football bet in China, the preferred odds are lottery-style.

  • Basketball Betting

In China, basketball betting is very similar to that of football, and once again, the odds for basketball betting in China are far better. However, the sports lottery does offer slightly different odds for basketball, called single match and single field betting. Both of these odds are very popular among basketball betting in China, particularly for the NBA, and the point spreads are typically offered at 1.70 per side. Although China is no different from any other country when it comes to looking for the most profitable bookie – you should always do your research to find out which online casino offers the better odds, providing that they’re regulated, of course.

To begin with, online gambling in China might have seemed a little overwhelming, and at times scary, but as long as you do it correctly, you should have no problems at all. The strict laws in China surrounding online gambling are put in place to protect the population from scams and are done in the Chinese residents’ best interests. Just always ensure you gamble responsibly, and take extra care when gambling in Chinese territory.


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