China’s Health Care Market is expected to reach RMB 400 billion

The elderly population takes an important part in China’s nowadays population. As China begins to enter into an aging society (one effect of the one-child policy), nutrition and health care products for the elderly will be one of the main products in the market. Driven by market demands, technological progress, and management renewal, China’s health products industry has a huge perspective for development. Mainland market people expect the sales of China’s health products market to rise from 260 billion yuan (RMB) in 2016 to 400 billion yuan in 2021, with an average annual growth rate of 10% to 15%. Need some help with the business development in China? 

An overview of China Health Products Market

The health care market in China, despite its small size 10 years ago, has grown within few years owing to the country’s rapid development. With also the rise of the living standard in China, people started to invest in their health care. Nowadays, health products in China are almost considered ordinary and daily consumption.

The national program for the development of food and nutrition mentioned that the national plan (2014-2020) will actively improve people’s nutrient intake in the future. It will make the development of healthcare food and nutrition one of the key development priorities, which will help promote the growth of the health food market in China. As of July 2017, 16631 health foods were approved by the State Food and drug administration, including 15879 domestic health food and 752 imported health foods.

The change of the people’s way of life represents an important opportunity for the development of the health products industry. The future development will present four major trends, including the diversification of consumer groups, exclusive distribution of health products, active promotion, and daily consumption of health products.

5 Tips to sell your health products/services in China

Web presence is almost unavoidable

Be careful to gain exposure for your products. Online and offline are both important to be competitive in the market. Online strategies and e-commerce are very developed in China. Nowadays there is not much business left that relies only on a physical presence. Digitalization is linked to almost all activities in China, so be sure to get profit from multiple sales channels.

Moreover, Chinese consumers are very active on the internet, they often do research before purchasing something. It’s important to be in the consumer’s field of vision and activities. Besides the fact that it stimulates the need of customers, it can reassure them about the products.

Manage and monitor your branding

Who’s talking about exposure, should talk about brand image. Each brand should build a trustworthy image in order to keep the company growing in the market. Brand reputation is a crucial feature in China. Because good information as bad information is both going to be shared in the Chinese network (don’t underestimate the power of the social network in China).

Chinese consumers consider a lot the comments of other users and often turn their recommendations. It is a way to be sure about the product’s effectiveness and safety.

Link your communication with Chinese culture

Before the coming of foreign medicine expertise, Chinese medicine has always played a significant role in this culture. Some Chinese people are even mistrustful about products and drugs from abroad, saying that they will surely not be accommodated to eat them. Nevertheless, nowadays a lot of middle-aged accept foreign brands products. Some elderly groups also turn to trust more in them and move away from traditional Chinese medicine.

However, brands should adapt their communication and their product description to what Chinese people use to be in touch with. The cultural gap still remains for the moment and Chinese consumers have to be reassured in front of new products. 

Follow the Health care market Regulation in China

If you have a project in this industry in China, be sure to stay up-to-date with the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA).

The scope of health foods’ function certification in China is constituted by 27 functions. There is the first category of 16 functions related to auxiliary therapy, preventing diseases, and alleviating symptoms. The second category includes 11 functions, more about enhancing health and physical fitness. Be careful that the same formula health products can only apply for a maximum of two certifications in health function.

Put sufficient indications about your product

Chinese customers pay close attention nowadays to the ingredient list of the product because of many fake health products presents on the market.

At this stage of development, China has a lot of booming industries. This is a promising and huge market with its own culture and way to function.

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  • Do you know the top 10 medical device companies in china? What china health product are searched?

    Can you give us the china products manufacturers ?

    Do you consider vitamins and dietary supplements in china as healthcare products ?
    Are Chinese able to manufacturing health products in china?

    • Olivier

      Dear Bruno
      I am sorry, I can not reply to all your question and I am sur that if you search on Google you will find answer of these Question.

      What China health product are searched?
      Everything link to health problem + Chinese specificities. Usually we do that for our clients, it is a Service / Consulting.
      Vitamins and Dietary supplements can be a part of the Healthcare industry.
      Chinese can manufacture everything, or almost everything, so Yes of course the can produce health care products. The real Value of the health Products is the Development and the Reputation of the Brand, not really the “factory” .

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