In meat processing factories in China, about 50% of the machines are imported. What is the difference between Chinese manufacturers and their counterpart from western countries.

meat processing machines

Western companies:

  • More organized market, with cooperation and competition
  • Strong R&D team
  • More focus on efficiency, environment-friendliness and automation level
  • Reliable quality and human-oriented design

Chinese companies:  

  • Low R&D level
  • Production scale is small and focus more on cost-control and fast capital turnover
  • Weak IPR protection
  • Out-of-date fabrication machine

It can be foreseen that local machines will increase both quality and price.
For imported machines, they have also more opportunities because:
Most imported machines in this booming industry were more than 20 years old. Now it’s the time to upgrade them.
With the appreciation of the RMB, the local meat processing companies get stronger purchasing power which means the they can accept higher price.

(Source: Nongji Wang)


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