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high class chinese tourists
high class chinese tourists


The outbound tourism market in China is undergoing an unprecedented boom now. And the best marketing strategy is also evolving every day in this market. Nowadays, the online marketing strategy has been proven as a very cost-efficient strategy for companies to use.


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Target of online marketing

In 2012, there has been over 80 million people travel overseas from China. Thus, China stays 3rd in terms of its contribution to the international travel market. Besides, Chinese outbound tourists have spent 91 billion USD in 2012, topping the list of expenses. The huge cake has already caught the eyes of companies and nations in this field from all corners of the world.

Now their attraction is caught by online marketing. Especially for those nations or companies that want to attract individual tourists and high-class travelers.


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The main reasons to choose online marketing are the hard facts are:

  • 83% of Chinese people tend to consult information online before making decisions.
  • that among 66% of the rich people who organize trips for themselves, searching for information online is their first choice, especially information about travel agencies and hotels. (source)

How do Chinese tourists make decisions?

1. Searching

Most Chinese tourists start their preparation for travel by searching for information, especially on the internet. And searching engines, travel websites and SNS are the most popular tools among them.

2. Comparison

After the searching, they will compare all the information they found and here in this step, comments from others, news on other online news media, and ranking are often taken serious consideration.

3. Pay and go travelling

Once they make decisions, they will make the payment for that and enjoy their travel.

What needs to be pointed out is that in the era of the Internet, the value of a tourist doesn’t only mean money, but also his influence. His opinion, ideas, and experience will probably influence people in his circle and the next tourist who searches for information online. And Chinese tourists are likely to trust the word from someone quite close to their situation in real life.

Because of the crucial role of the Internet among most outbound tourists in China, the use of online marketing tools is nothing to sneeze at and the good news is it’s very cost-efficient.


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In fact, online Marketing is not only a cost-efficient way to increase the awareness of a company but also in building trust among its target people.

Sometimes, the latter is even more important, especially for high-class tourists from China because Chinese tourists don’t have so much confidence and trust in companies they don’t know.

Here are some solutions to raise your company’s popularity and improve trust via online marketing:

1. Official website and SEO/SEM

A website in Chinese is the first step to showing you in front of customers. And be careful about the design and hosting of the website which are the two main factors influencing the reading experience of visitors.

A nice website without visitors is a waste of budget.  And via SEO and SEM, the most efficient solution to getting target visitors, you can bring your customers to see your website.

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2. Social networks

The influence of the Internet on Chinese citizens has already become wide and deep. Most time Chinese Internet users spend the Internet on social networks, like Weibo and WeChat (or WeiXin as it’s called in China).

Communicating on Weibo and WeChat starts by opening an account, obtaining certifications, publishing interesting content, and interacting with your potential customers to build a community. Weibo is a very powerful tool; the number of fans can add up quickly and allows you to spread your offer to up to 300 million people according to figures reported on Weibo.

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3. Key Opinion Leader Campaign

KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) or stars have the ability to influence a lot of Chinese people with their communities and the secondary network of their fans. These leaders are highly respected and have a strong influence on large numbers of fans. Their movements are followed and talked about by millions of Internet users. More information is here.


high class chinese tourists
high class chinese tourists


4. PR (Press Relations)

PR campaign in China is very important. It allows you to promote your service to reach a wide variety of Chinese citizens. This communication is primarily with rich visuals or feeds backs and testimonials from people who have visited the country.

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5. Viral marketing

The SNS in China allows the quick and fast spread of information. And once it turns into a big buzz, netizens in China will have interested to know more about that and even sometimes media will report that.  It can greatly increase brand awareness in a very short time.

6. Local partner

The vast majority of Chinese tourist travel in groups. According to a report by the tourism agency of China, group travel takes up 70% of outbound travelling for Chinese people. This number tends to decrease but will still remain high for many reasons such as the language barrier, Visa filing, and fear of risk and price.

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