China Social media platforms in 2013 !


What are the Social media platforms in 2013 in China ? This diagram will explain that, classificated in 4 categories, based on stage of maturity and functional dependency.


Social media Landscapte in China 2013

1. Functional platforms

This category regroup Functional websites provide basic support for other platforms, or have been integrated into other platforms. So, they include Q&A, Wiki, Blog, Doc-Sharing and LBS.


2. Core website

Core networks in China can be considered the campaign battlefield;

It includes MicroBlogs, Instant Message, Mobile Social platforms, Videos&Musics, BBS&forums, Rating & Review, and eCommerce.

It’s worth mentioning that “Mobile Social” is a new core network in landscape, as Wechat, with its 300 million users, has become a social phenomenon in China.

More and more brands are becoming aware of the real value of marketing and engagement through mobile social platforms.



3. Value-Added social Networks

Value-added social networks are based on core networks and other platforms but aim to provide additional service.

These include things like Social Commerce, Social Aggregators, Social Gaming platforms and Search.



4. Emerging/Niche Networks


Emerging/Niche Networks are those platforms that perform a relatively independent function, or specifically target niche groups. This includes Online Travel sites, Light Blogs, Dating Networks, Business Social networks, Enterprise Social, Photos Sharing and Social TV.

this infography show the emerging platforms to which brands need pay special attention.





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