How Vietnam Companies can promote themself in China? Good question.

Vietnam is one of the fastest-growing economies in Southeast Asia, and with stable governance and easy business doing possibilities; Vietnamese SMEs are likely to succeed in joining the global e-commerce trade.


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“Given the country’s growing economic status in Southeast Asia, Vietnam SMEs have strong manufacturing capabilities with more than 500,000 entrepreneurs,” said General Manager Zhang Kuo. “and added, “Yet very few of them have established global trading with the use of digital channels.”

Kuo also said that Vietnam’s skilled workforce, high-quality products such as furniture, textiles, and foods, and competitive pricing make the country a likely market for buyers who use, Chinese domestic ´platforms to source the goods they need for their businesses.

It is expectantly, that China is open for Business to Business with Vietnam. For repetition, B2B is happening, when a company sells the product to another company, and then B2C occurs, when a company sells it to the final consumer, i.e. for consumption, use. If the B2C relationship is realized on the Internet and through virtual shops or web applications, we call it e-commerce.



Vietnam is one of the most attractive e-Commerce markets in the region for investors

Over the past 2 years, Vietnam ranks high among the fastest-growing e-commerce markets with an explosive 33% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) in the region. And China is helping to move forward on this trend. Chinese e-commerce giant completed its large-scale investment. is one of the world’s largest global B2B e-commerce marketplaces, operating in over 190 countries. The site brings small and medium-sized enterprises from Vietnam, onto the platform to help them gain visibility among global buyers and educate them about e-commerce, as well as build an ecosystem to support merchants and offer them digital tools for selling in the global market.
To support Vietnamese SMEs, is working with local partners in related industries, such as logistics and e-commerce services, to promote the platform to local exporters and offer guidance on best practices for using the site.



How the Uni marketing platform of Alibaba works

Since at least mid-2017, Alibaba Group, which is the major competitor of Tencent, has been investing in and expanding its marketing service. It is called “uni marketing”. On online platforms, such as Taobao Marketplace and Tmall, in every step brands can keep track of users’ browsing, buying and paying behaviors and, then, customize storefront based on the data. According to Alibaba Group, it is a way for a brand to improve customer loyalty and engagement. Uni marketing system is not only a plus for brands; it is also a plus for digital agencies in China. An Alibaba spokesperson said: “Uni marketing is a powerful tool for brands and agencies alike and we take a collaborative approach to enable these partners in our ecosystem. In fact, with the insights uni marketing provides about consumers living their lives with Alibaba, it gives agencies the opportunity to deliver more value to their clients than ever before.”


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The difficulty of “sourcing” for foreign companies is that many of the Vietnamese companies do not have websites in Chinese

Also, the Vietnamese Law states that the Factory’s namesake must be in the Vietnamese language and also having hard times accessing online trading activities because many of the firms are still tiny scale.
“Buyers not only want to search for offline products at shops, showrooms or fairs but also need to search for products online.” Said Steven Zheng, CEO of Hangzhou SOR Business Consulting Co. Ltd. “Digital transformations can lower the cost and increase the efficiency of businesses, resulting in faster growth,” he also said.



E-commerce potential for your company in China

Joining B2B e-commerce platforms will help export your company directly approach customers, thereby expanding opportunities in the global market and save money on traditional trade promotions such as fairs and exhibitions.

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It worth to mention, that online import and export channels can reduce costs and time in your businesses, especially if SMEs looking for business partners, carrying out trade promotions, and marketing products, we are here to help.


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