China needs Quality Marketing Training

According to an official report, ” World Bank”, asserted that the skills of management are as important as technical skills. Companies have to concentrate on marketing. For China, it is necessary to answer good questions such as “What are the needs for marketing in China?”

Introduction of marketing in China

Ironically, China in marketing must have a history. Marketing was exploited from 1940 in Chinese universities. The books on marketing translated into mandarin were exploited in 1943. As for the program in marketing, he was introduced in 1949. Although there is a change in the field of politics, in the field of the economy and society, education remained unchanged. She stagnated and even sometimes declined. Furthermore, the course on marketing for high school students was entitled “Theory of the socialist and practical market or the principle of marketing”. The first universities opened in this domain are in Beijing University, Fudan University, and Nankai University by 1980. Today, marketing is an essential discipline. Now, more than 400 Chinese universities offer management programs. Although there were measures to have better marketing in China, there are not many people formed in the domain.

The courts of marketing can be divided into two parts: theory and practice. The first part gives an overview and the second to the practice of more specific options such as product technologies, e-commerce, the management of image, marketing relations, and advertising.

Recommendations of the Chinese marketing experts

The marketing in China is far from being completed. Here are five problems of marketing and their solutions that would allow for improving the performance in China.

– Collaborate with several companies to have the same loyalty program. The collaborators, the sales and the distribution points are crucial points in Chinese marketing.

– In China, professionals often organize events which are the main tool of public relations in China. However, a crowded event does not mean the success of the campaign, because many journalists come without writing an article.

– The need for marketing professionals to know the demands of the consumers, which is going to allow them to make a coherent marketing mix. The marks are often confusing with the slogan, the valuable proposal, and the image.

– Another need is to understand the performances and the action items to reach a goal. The Chinese are experts to reduce prices or make promotions, but often to the detriment of profitability.

– Marketing professionals must be sensitive to the request of the consumers and communicate them to their colleagues. The current trends play a leading part in the marketing strategy and in segmentation. This practice to bet on the latest fads does not allow the companies to differ from their competitors and to develop their business.

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