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Reducing sugar, increasing sales of fresh produce, COVID-19, and many other topics are covered in this article. If you want to have the latest info on the food market in China stay attentive

  1. Reducing sugar consumption in China
  2. Increase in fresh produce orders in China
  3. The coronavirus crisis in China reacts the global F&B authorities with more or less caution
  4. H & H’s Good Gout expands its product offering and distribution channels in China

Reducing sugar consumption in China

Case study: Tea Brand Nayuki

Nayuki tea brand

Less sugar, please: Healthier teas increasingly popular with young consumers – Nayuki from China

The Chinese tea brand Nayuki is betting on increasing consumer awareness of health to stimulate sales of its series of “healthier” sugar-free and fruit teas in China.

Nayuki’s data showed that from January to November 2019, sales of its sugar-free tea series, which includes cold teas and pure tea, were 0.67% higher than its popular tea series in Canada. cheese, for the first time in four years.

Peng Xin, the founder of Nayuki, told FoodNavigator-Asia: “Health, low calories and low sugar are the future trends for new style tea drinks. In the past 10 months, 50% of consumers have chosen less or no sugar when buying tea. “

JK Sucralose invest in sugarless products

jksucralose CHINA

Half the sugar: Chinese company JK Sucralose to invest $ 30 million in research and production capacity

Chinese sucralose maker JK Sucralose is investing in a research institute and a factory for its half-sugar production project, which will be completed in the second half of 2020.

Half-sugar is a combination of sucralose and white sugar, which is five times sweeter than sugar. The investment of RMB 200 million (US$ 30 million) will include research, formulation, and increasing production efficiency.

The company hopes this project will help meet and achieve the goals of the government-supported “Healthy China 2030” initiative.

“By reducing the sugar consumption of the Chinese people, we hope to reduce the rate of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity in China, which is currently on the rise. At the same time, with this project, we hope to promote a healthier China while preserving the balanced sweet taste of sugar in everyone’s life, ” said Alex An, CEO and founder of JK Sucralose at FoodNavigator-Asia.

Increase in fresh produce orders in China

JD Reports Increased Fresh Food Orders In China During Chinese New Year And Coronavirus Outbreak

JD, one of the Chinese e-commerce giants, says sales of fresh food, especially vegetables, increased both online and offline during the Chinese New Year and during the Wuhan Novel epidemic Coronavirus (2019-nCoV).

Between January 24 and February 2, vegetables experienced the strongest sales growth on, up almost 450% from the same period last year.

Sales of pork, beef, mutton, poultry, and eggs on exceeded 400% growth over the previous year. Pork sales increased the fastest, more than 10 times over the previous year.

In total, almost 15,000 tonnes of fresh food, 18,900 tonnes of rice, flour, and cereals, 5.9 million liters of cooking oil, 1.8 million bottles of disinfectant solution, and 3 million bottles of liquid soap were sold on its online platform.

The F&B industry reacts to the coronavirus crisis

The recent epidemic of coronavirus from animals in China has prompted authorities and the food and drink industries around the world to take steps to prevent the spread or “import” of the virus into their countries – some more aggressively. that other.

The coronavirus, now known as COVID-19, was first identified in Wuhan. Last March, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the epidemic a global health emergency. In response to the crisis, authorities in several countries have taken steps to ban the import of food from China.

One of them, Indonesia, began by banning the import of live animals from that country and is expected to soon publish a list of other banned food products.

“We are obviously going to stop imports of live animals from China and we are still considering banning other products,” Trade Minister Agus Suparmanto said at a media availability after a government meeting. on the virus.

New distribution channels in China

Health & Happiness (H&H) group’s Good Gout

Health & Happiness (H&H) group’s Good Gout is focusing on its expansion into China this year, with the launch of new products and the establishment of new offline distribution channels for the company specializing in organic snacks for children.

The French company was bought by H&H in 2018 and entered the Chinese market last year. This year, the company will launch new products such as new flavored nut bars, animal-shaped cookies, chocolate cookies, yogurt, and vegetable nuggets.

Lulu Yan, chief executive of Good Gout Asia, said the company has seen growing consumer demand for healthy snacks. Since launching in China five months ago, Yan said Good Gout is becoming increasingly popular with Chinese consumers.

Brand exposure has exceeded 170 million and the online click-through rate for the main product promoted has exceeded the industry average rate, and the conversion rate from offline activity has reached 28%.

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