China “Educates” its Consumers Through Advertising Strategy

The Chinese are known for their intelligence when it comes to creativity and the invention of new digital marketing techniques. They are advancing in the world of marketing in the field of video marketing, new conceptual ads are being made, ads that tap into the emotional and sentimental values of the viewers. Ads are more intelligently focusing on specific target audiences.

Company featuring the ad – An app called Alipay which provides payment services to consumers.

The Chinese have advanced a lot in the world of advertising. There is huge competition among companies, and they are placing a great emphasis on creativity and narratives to build brand image. One of the companies called Alipay even created a video ad showing a typically geeky guy, the surprise comes when his girlfriend is introduced, she is a modern, very beautiful girl and does everything for him from waking him up in the morning to brushing his teeth and cooking for him, helping him in his work, washing his clothes, even when it rains hard and he is desperately searching for a cab, his girlfriend finds a cab for him in the rain. All the viewers must be watching this ad film with curiosity, then it is revealed that the girl is actually a figment of his imagination, it represents Alipay and what it would be like if it was transformed into a person, caring and loving for the user.

Strong points in the ad

  • It focuses the urbanized young audience, who are prone to using the application. It targets the correct audience and considers the app through the eyes of a relationship.
  • It shows that brands are not only interested in giving services to consumers and accepting fees, but also creating a good relationship between consumer and the company.
  • But, negatively it can be seen that people will depend greatly on these applications and their dependency will increase.
  • The ad shows the creative minds of its makers and their power to understand their consumers and target them in the right specified areas.

Company featuring the ad – A life insurance company.

Another ad shows an average middle-class man, while going to his office he helps an old lady set up her cart, then at lunch time eats the rice alone and feeds the chicken to a street known dog. When he goes back home he gives the maximum amount to a child as a donation so that she can get admitted into a school, and at home every day he takes a dozen of bananas for his old aunt who is always in a fit of rage and stays in the flat beside her. This is his daily routine, it intrigues the viewers, why is he being so good? But, then we see the fruits of his efforts, the old lady whom he used to help helps him in return, the child whom he used to give the maximum amount of his salary as donation actually is able to get admitted to school, the dog whom he used to feed saves him from robbers and his old neighbor aunt surprises him one day with a huge dinner for him. This was actually an ad for a life insurance company whose ultimate aim was to make viewers understand that the seeds which we sow today will lead to fruitful returns one day.

Strong points in the ad

  • It is based on certain moral principles which make us remember what is important in fast paced, modern China.
  • It tells us that however bad the situation is good deeds will result in good deeds.
  • It tells us that the seeds which we sew today will provide us the desired results later.

Company featuring the ad – An educational ad by the government of China.

Another ad showed how children living in a hilly area make a bridge out of broken wooden planks and ropes to go to school , they go through many hardships to follow their dream of getting education. The same ad clip shows how a poor man who does not have slippers makes slippers out of plastic bottle and uses it, another set shows how children lick food packets to get the last of any food left as they are so poverty stricken. This was an educational ad which teaches the viewers to be contented with what you have because some people are happy and contented with so little, we should learn from them.

Strong points in the ad

  • It teaches us that in this greedy world we have to be contented with what we have and not crave far more.
  • Strong Chinese communist values.

Social Media Media Agency use Videos

China is mainly introducing ads which effect the emotions of viewers. But, through advertising it is also trying to educate the consumers; that may be about the product, the morals of humanity, each and every ad has educational value. Therefore these ads are watched with full interest by the viewers, unlike in India where ads are skipped and changed to other channels.

Other Asian countries are adopting the marketing techniques and ideas of the Chinese in the field of advertising. The government is seeing  boom and development in the ad market in China. Young entrepreneurs are also embracing video ads to promote their services as they think ads touch the heart of the consumers directly and the consumer is the key player in the market. China has even experienced a rise in the advertisement market in the recent years. This has been the focus for top international companies. Consumers rarely skip ads anymore but sit on your couch and enjoy the ads for their educational as well as commercial value.

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