China Cars market always privileged

China doesn’t seem living on the same planet as us. Whereas the automobile market pains to leave the crisis, this one is in growth in China.

Hebei and Chongqing will welcome the new Hyundai factories

Hyundai Motor Co Company confirms the construction 2016 and 2017 of two new factories in China. One in Changzhou (Hebei) which will begin in the 2nd quarter of 2015. The other in Chongqing will begin in the 3rd quarter. The building in Hebei province was asked for by the Chinese government within the framework of this region’s development. Kia Motors Corps, a Hyundai subsidiary also announced its intention to expand the capacity of one of its factories situated in Kiangsu which could welcome 2016 more or less 450 000 vehicles which are 150 000 more.


100 million yuan of research funds were given to Changan from the government

The government continues to support companies. The help received by Changan, an automobile company is the proof. Baolin Zhang, the president of the company affirmed adding to government help for research in R&D, 30 billion yuan for the 5 next years.

New-cars plates limited in Shenzhen to control the smog

About 100 000 new vehicles licenses plates per year are in circulation in Shenzhen, the last city to restrict its vehicle purchases provoking an increase in pollution, and smog. According to the publication on the police’s official microblog, the number of vehicles can be adjusted to deal with the demand and traffic changes to decrease pollution. Beijing, Hangzhou, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Guiyang, and Tianjin are also concerned by this problem and should follow Shenzhen’s good resolutions.

The automobile luxury concessions in crisis

The profits of these decreased in the same way as sales for the last two years. Many concessions spokesmen make the same report and award this reduction to economic hazards and anti-corruption campaigns which especially affected Porsche’s industry, lowering abruptly their sales.

voiture luxe chine

Xiaomi, the smartphone maker starts making smart cars

For some time on the Internet, the rumor announces the construction of smart cars by Xiaomi. Its cars under the name Misila would have a 39 999 RMB starting price. If the rumor turns out true, Xiaomi is going to make a hit.


The SAIG-GM-WULING’s new factory ready to start in Chongqing

The General Motors joint venture opened a new factory in Chongqing city and should soon begin the construction of their vehicles. With a budget of 6.6 billion yuan, this one should bring out at least 400 000 vehicles and the same quantity of engines per year. An agreement authorizing an extension was also planned and signed with the Chongqing municipality.

In March a new competitor will enter the midsize market

Geely Company with the exit of its new model the GC9 more luxurious than others in the range will be a big opponent in midsized market and should compete with the Hyundai Sonata and FAW-MAZDA Azteca. The GC9 is planned to make its debut in March.


Cars storage facility asked for in Beijing by CADA

CADA, the Chinese Automobile Dealers Association called the Pekinese government to avoid automakers’ exorbitant prices against dealers concerning car storage. The CADA deposited in the Ministry of Industry and Information technology as well as the Ministry of Trade a report including a:

– Meeting with automakers and dealer representatives to find a solution
– Resumed by automakers of the excessive reserve of vehicles asked the dealers
– Revision of contracts between the dealers and the automakers if more than half of dealers are losers regarding money

– Proposal of adjustment by the government of an “unequal” relation in a more equal one.

CADA on its Web site declared that a large number of car dealers lost a big quantity of money due to this problem.

Repeal of 553 000 vehicles Honda in China because of Takata airbags

Honda Two Chinese joint-ventures had repealed 553 000 of their vehicles to replace the defective Takata Group airbags. These were also made from the United States to Canada via Japan which gives this security crisis a world impact.


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