China Automation Industry- Interview on Mr. Chen from Tai’cang Xu’lai

Interview of an exclusively Japan-owned Chinese automation machine enterprise – Tai’cang Xu’lai

Although China has also suffered from the global crisis, China automation industry still keeps expanding. For example, IMS research shows in their recent report that China automation control system industry including PLC, AI visual, servo motor will expand to 131.1 billion Yuan in 2013. Mr. Zhou, an analyst from IMS, points out that the 4000 billion Yuan package plan and plan made by government will contribute to boost the economy. And automation machines can be widely used in metallurgy, refinery, machine building, power generation, light industry and so on.

Today, on Beijing-Essen Welding Exhibition, we are honored to invite Mr. Chen to share his understanding about this market with us.

1. Please introduce us your company:

Established on Aug 8, 2008, Tai’cang Xu’lai is a fully Japan-owned company. It is located in Tai’cang, neighboring Shanghai. The main task for Xu’lai is to realize the local production of its parental company which mainly focus on welding support systems and automation machine systems.

2. What’s your title in the company?
Business Tech Lead

3. What are the main products of your company?
Welding system, welding robots, cutting and Handling System, transporting vehicles and its integrated line system, equipment and jigs and other comprehensive automation systems

4. Could you please show some pictures about your factory and products?

5. What’s the percentage of your exportation business in your turnover?
About 20% and most of the exportation is handled by our Japanese headquarter. So most exported machines from us are for Japanese customers.

6. What kind of companies can be your target?
All those companies who need welding and assembly machines, such as companies in construction engineering, environment protection, construction machines, structure parts manufacturers can be our customers.

7. How do your customers find you?
They usually find us via existing customers or agents.

8. Which marketing tools, according to your experiences is the best for your company?
Exhibition and agents work better than the others.

9. What do you think about the Essen Exhibition this year?
Not bad. However, influenced by the global market, the number of exhibitors this year is lower than that of last year.

10. How do you expand oversea market?
The oversea market development work is fully cared by our Japanese headquarter.

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