China water purifiers market is one of the newest yet fast growing markets. With only a few hundred players in 2000 and more than 3000 of those now, it is forecasted to grow 16% annually by 2023.

It is predicted that by the end of 2020 there would be 40 million units sold in the water purifier market in China, leading to half of the households getting at least one. This would result in a total market average revenue of 28 billion USD.

The popularization of air purifiers in China started in 2011 when the government estimated that 82% of the river water resources and 55% of the ground water resources were highly polluted with detrimental contaminants.

It’s not even a decade of steady development… For such an extensive consumer market that China possesses a decade is nothing. This can be proved by the fact that only up to 10% of Chinese households have water purifiers of any type.


Factors for the growth of the water purification market in China:


  1. Water contamination

Waters in China get direct pollution from an outrageous number of factories. Apart from that, poor air quality contributes a lot to water contamination. Moreover, rusty pipes in old buildings add insult to injury.

  1. Health Awareness

Chinese people are currently largely following the world’s common trend of talking greater care of one’s health. They don’t want to consume water that contains dust, chlorine, heavy metals, bacteria, etc, anymore.

  1. Boom in related industries

A boom in real estate in China has significantly increased the demand for water filters and purification systems. This is particularly true for the 3rd and 4th tier cities.

  1. Growing purchasing power

There are no people with no money in China provided that there is a value for money in front of them. The growing economy has made it possible to regard water purifiers as an essential tool in the basic consumer basket here.

  1. Increased advertising

Local brands have already done a lot to nurture the culture of using water purifiers in Chinese homes. This has contributed to the growing demand.

  1. 6. Cost-effectiveness

For drinking water alone, if an average household consumes 5-6 liters of clean bottled water per day, this would result in 2000-3000RMB per year and even more. A water purifier is, however, bought to be used for years.

  1. 7. Low penetration rate

Less than 5% of Chinese families have water purifiers at home. Combined with the growing demand backed up by the above mentioned factors, this gives a lot of prospects for the water purifier brands in China.


Owing to these factors, Chinese people are willing to buy water purifiers

According to China Daily, in Shanghai, Zeng Wenjing spent 10000RMB (roughly 1500USD) for a water purification system and 7000RMB for an air purifier. Zeng said, it was a worthwhile investment, because these appliances will help him to keep his family healthy. He feels the value for money…

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  1. Unlike in some lucky cities in the world, China’s water is not drinkable and this challenge creates many opportunities for companies. The water purification market in China is indeed huge and Chinese people are more likely to buy this type of product on e-commerce platforms as you introduced some of them.
    They have more trust in large e-commerce retailers as Tmall, JD, or PDD and thus have more trust in brands that are present on these platforms.

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