China: a “new” Green Economy

China is well-known to be the first market in the world at different stages. But the biggest carbon dioxide emitter also position itself as the leader of green investments, as said Helen Wong from HSBC.

Such an impressive growth as the one experienced by China can’t be done without any sacrifice. And unfortunately, two figures growth rate and environment are rarely a good match. However, since couple of years, Beijing has been investing billions in green energies, but also promoting electrical vehicles, investing in low carbon infrastructure for its most dynamic cities and have been studying many options in terms of green financial development. 

Forest City in China (Naning)

the future of urban China looks “green” , Office blocks, homes and hotels decked from top to toe in a verdant blaze of shrubbery and plant life; a breath of fresh air for metropolises that are choking on a toxic diet of fumes and dust.  the Italian architect, famed for his tree-clad Bosco Verticale (Vertical Forest) skyscraper complex in Milan, unveiled plans for a similar project in the eastern Chinese city of Nanjing (source)

1.    Basics of sustainable development.

China’s improvement in order to make its economy “cleaner” have been noticed among its economical initiative, to fight back pollution and global warming.

Many “green” solutions matching the government’s objectives. Indeed, they intend to develop a valued economy, high technologies, skillful positions within local industries, and last but not least the basics of a sustainable economic expansion, balanced and respectful of its environment.

In the same time, Chinese citizens’ new generations don’t want to see an economic development jeopardizing their own environment. And the fact that many urban areas, such as Shanghai, turn out to be more and more vulnerable to climate change, adds another pressure to the neediness of taking action.

2.    War has been declared to pollution.

The current presidential action plan has declared war to pollution. And has you can imagine, such a powerful country as China declaring war to anything is not something to take lightly. Every single aspect of its political plan is integrating environment: economy, politic, social, cultural, etc.

What do China want?

  • 15% decrease of its global energy consumption per units of its GDP
  • 23% improvement of its water consumption management
  • New maximum level of 5 billion tons for energy consumption
  • 18% decrease of coal intensity
  • 15% Increase of green energies

3.    First producer of solar panels.

China is working fast and progress are already visible!

In 2016, the country settled up three times more wind energy (23.3GW) production capacity than USA, which rise China as producing one third of the global wind energy. In the meantime, its photovoltaic capacity has doubled during the same year, making China the first producer of solar energy.

In terms of low carbon emission transport infrastructure, its 20,000km of fast train lines and the intention to rise it till 45,000 by 2030.

Of course, everything can’t be changed from day to day. It takes time. And China will certainly need couple years to purified its environment and really turn out to be a green country.

But in accordance of China’s role on the international scene about solving the global problems, Chinese political head engage themselves in the battle. They don’t only have the will to take advantage of the current economic transition to achieve important “green” improvement during the next couple years, they also have the means. *See how to develop a B2B in China project”

4.    As a foreign company, what can you do in China?

We all know how important is the growth potential of the sustainable development market.

We all know how big is the Chinese market. First consumption market in the world with 1.4 billion peoples and first manufacturer of the world.

But how can you take advantage of the situation?

At the GMA, we’re professional and not too bad guys as well. So, here is a list of projects you can develop in China. A selection of ambitious ideas which could match your own.

  • Plastic destroy our oceans… develop the paper/biodegradable straw market! Just targeting bars and fast food will make you busy enough not to think about the money coming out of it.
  • Collect plastic from ocean and recycle it into clothes, bottles, shoes or anything. Tons of resources are waiting for you out coast (We’ll help you to make it happen).
  • Have you ever thought about developing the perfect city? A place where our busy capitalist lifestyle would match the pure zenitude? You can develop green building. And do not hesitate to develop yourself as fast as possible. WE NEED YOU (and can help you to do so…).

So many opportunities up there. Just need to make it happen.

5.    Most important point: How to make it happen?

After this perfect transition, let’s see together the basics to make your project, brands or company happening in China.

First of all, you need to understand that you won’t do anything if unknown from the Chinese market. Being newcomer is not an issue, but not doing anything for your brand image or brand reputation is. Why? Well, as you may know there has been so many issues with fake brands/products and counterfeit, that any Chinese economic actors are now very careful with who they deal with.

Chinese market is different from any market you may have experienced before. And your foreign brand image doesn’t matter here. You may have to start again. So, let me give you some few tips to succeed on the Chinese market.

  1. Make you visible: you can make up a Chinese website
  2. Work on your branding. You have to adapt yourself to this new market
  3. Build your brand reputation (very important). You can use KOL, Chinese social media, PR or anything. Just do it.
  4. Develop an E-commerce platform on Tmall Global, XiaoHongShu, Douyin, Alibaba, etc. (according to your industry)

Some simple steps that will make the difference between a successful business and a waist of time & money.

Between a polluted environment and the most impressive improvement in terms of green development.

For any questions related to the green business in China and how to proceed, feel free to contact us. We can help you to develop your company or find a good investor that will make your project possible.

We are GMA, the Gentlemen Agency and we care about the environment.

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