CLIENT: Wizact 24

Cleaning Products brand from Singapore

Our Missions for Wizact 24

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The Brand & Campaign Context

WIZACT 24 is a cleaning products company from Singapore that has developed a 24-hour continuous sterilization technology based on the disinfection problems raised by the public. With their target audience issues in mind, they launched three products including household disinfection spray, disinfection spray portable pack, and disinfection wet wipes. With the increasing awareness around disinfection in China (accelerated by the COVID-19 Pandemic); the brand took an interest in the Chinese Market. The Chinese Cleaning product market is dominated by international brands and in order for Wizact to create a name in the middle kingdoms, there was going to be a lot of work to be done. GMA came up with a complete digital marketing strategy with the goal to create brand awareness as well as win the trust of the consumers.


+ 4,285 views on Wechat in 1 month

+ 383,500 Exposure on Weibo in 1 month

+ Related search results ranked 1st page on Baidu