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Global VAT refunds group understood the power of Chinese overseas shoppers and contacted GMA to market their mobile Tax-Free Services App for Chinese travelers.

Our Missions for UTU

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The Brand & Campaign Context

UTU connects shops to shoppers aiming to transform purchases and VAT refunds into rewards at home and away. Their rewards platform harnesses financial payment networks and brand partners to engage with UTU members, delivering a seamless and transparent mobile experience. Chinese travelers spending a lot of money abroad, it is natural that UTU decided to expend their service in China where it could make the VAT experience a lot easier for millions of travelers but also bring a lot of traffic to its partners. There were a few challenges, first, have the app validated for the Chinese app store and then get enough visibility for the app to get downloaded. However, visibility is nothing without work on e-reputation (especially when it comes to money) which is why we work with Kols and Baidu.


  • 1 Position on App Store
  • 1st Page on Baidu
  • 1500+ App Downloads
  • 1700+ Social Media Followers