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Tour Asian - Phuket & Pattaya Multi-Services.

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The Brand & Campaign Context

The Chinese market offers great business opportunities due to its rapid economic growth and a huge market. However, it has its fair share of challenges, ranging from inadequate market information, inappropriate entry strategy, lack of access to sales channels, difficulty in finding the right partners and cultural differences, etc. Tour Asian is a tour company that just focuses on Asia countries especially Thailand. They offer standard tours and special tours and real estate tours. Due to the increase of Chinese travelers around the world, they decided to promote their service in the Chinese market as well. Tour Asian is the First local real estate agency with local knowledge connected worldwide offering multi-services. They provide the best selection of what is available in Phuket & Pattaya real estate investment property, Phuket cosmetic surgery, Phuket &Pattaya Holiday rental and activities in Thailand. So, they contacted us for their digital marketing plan in China.