CLIENT: TailorMade Chinese School

Our Missions for TailorMade Chinese School

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The Brand & Campaign Context

In China, success is measured by your achievements and learning, and is considered as a way to improve your social status. The first education boom occurred in 2006-2008 when a large number of companies in the overseas studying or professional qualifications preparations segments were listed. The second one came in 2010 with English training and extra curricular tutoring segments. The prevision for 2016 is online education tools: desk top and mobile. As Chinese rely on your reputation and recommendations, you need to be visible in China, in order to attract consumers. Providing Mandarin Classes online and in China, created by foreigners in Beijing, the objective is to make this language more accessible. • Shanghai, Xi’an or Tanjin welcome their new offices, and teachers hold language related degrees. • Their clients are individual professional and companies, and they can choose time and place of those courses: The school comes to you.


  • Increased exposure
  • A better visibility to support their lead generation strategy