CLIENT: Smiley

SMILEY - Shaping and Sharing Happiness.

Our Missions for Smiley

Weibo Account Creation Social Media Campaigns Press Releases KOLs Campaigns E-Reputation

The Brand & Campaign Context

Smiley could tell you that they’re an award-winning, TOP 100 global licensing company, registered in over 100 countries. Or, about the 260 licensees and leading retail partners that have joined Smiley’s happy revolution, creating a unique collection of Smiley-branded fashion, accessory, home, food, stationery, and entertainment items. But they would rather just simply let you know that for the past 45 years, they have been dedicated to shaping the way their clients share happiness. And, they will continue to be for the foreseeable future. They needed GMA for their Weibo account creation & management thanks to social media campaigns & KOLs campaigns to increase their brand awareness. We also handled their e-reputation through press releases in China.



  • 1,049 Posts


  • 4 Reposts from KOls

Press Relations

  • 4 Press Releases in famous media (VOGUE, Tencent, GQ & Rayli)