CLIENT: René Furterer

Our Missions for René Furterer

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Industry Context The Cosmetics industry is expanding rapidly in China and is now among the most important sectors in the country. The annual growth rate of revenues made from cosmetics product sales is around 15% year on year. This significant increase is due to Chinese consumers’ new focus on beauty habits, increasing disposable incomes and the search for quality, new cosmetics products. With over a billion consumers this is the largest market in the world with strong potential for new brands. Company René Furterer is a French cosmetics company, located in Paris. They are specialized in hair care and beauty. The brand provides a wide range of products for different types of hair in China. Goals Increase their Visibility and Reputation online in China Improve E-Commerce Store Sales


  • 60k New Followers
  • 100 KOLs engaged with brand
  • Tmall optimization resulted in sales increase.