CLIENT: PrimaDollar

Cost-Efficient Trade tools Kit for Importers and exporters

Our Missions for PrimaDollar

Baidu SEO PPC PR Q&A Wechat Lead Gen Trademark

The Brand & Campaign Context

Primadollar is a global finance provider for exporters and importers. They offer online API tools that anyone can use to integrate their trade finance on a white-label basis into their own digital customer journeys. In order to appeals to Chinese B2B companies, Primadollar contacted GMA. Our mains goals with Primadollar are to increase their visibility and introduce them as the front runner in their industry. In order to achieve these two goals, our strategy for Primadollar revolves around building them a strong e-reputation with tools such as PR and Q&A but also Baidu Search engine optimization. Improving visibility and reputation is enables lead generation. Leads generation is the art of promoting your services so you do not have to prospect anymore but instead having already interested prospects contacting you about your products/services.


We are still running a campaign for Primadollars – Here is a quick summary of what happened

  • Main Keywords Rank First on Baidu
  • Increased Traffic
  • Website Optimization, SEO, and SEM: More qualitative traffic, Lower Bounce rate.
  • Regular PR (About 8/Months) plays a big role in creating Organic traffic and improving Conversion Rate
  • Regular Publication on Q&A like PR increases the Exposure Rate of the company and the awareness on Open Trade Services
  • WeChat: 4 to 5 posts per Months shared in 80+ B2B and Finance related group Chats
  • IP Protection: Primadollar is trademarked