CLIENT: Patrick the Chinese

Online tools allows communication strategies to spread out rapidly. Celebrities in China gather crowd around them, and become inspiration for people. China is the country with the most Internet users. Most of them connect to internet by smart phone (even more than by laptop) so to target your audience, the best to do is to be present online to get more visibility.

Our Missions for Patrick the Chinese

PR Social Media Video creation of his shows in France

The Brand & Campaign Context

Patrick Veiselier is a French humourist. He started to work on a one-man-show in Chinese after a bet with his friends? Though he didn’t know anything about this language. Alias Bai Ma Gei (白马哥), he focuses on the cliché about Chinese and targets any one interested in China, as well as Chinese people. He launched a communication campaign in China and came in the country in 2014, in Shanghai.


  •  3,000 press releases
  • 120,000 followers on Weibo
  • A huge exposure with both French and Chinese audiences.