CLIENT: Oakberry

Oakberry is a "health" fast food franchise that sells popular Super Food Açai bowls.

Our Missions for Oakberry

Baidu SEO Weibo wechat PR Q&A Offline Store Material

The Brand & Campaign Context

Oakberry Franchise already has 200 stores all over the world and contacted GMA looking to expand in China. The challenge of Oakberry in China was double: Show the potential of the Brand but also introduce their bowls to Chinese consumers. Getting started in a dynamic city like Shanghai was a great move as peoples are moving toward a more healthy lifestyle but are not ready yet to give up on snacking. An omnichannel strategy was the best option for Oakberry to gain both brand awareness and improve its reputation.


  • Baidu SEO: 5 out of 10 chosen keywords rank on page 1 of Baidu. The website is indexed.
  • Weibo: Gradual followers base growth and increasing exposure with always more engagement
  • Weibo Contest and Lucky draw are getting +120K exposure per post
  • Wechat: in 1 one month 4 posts + 300 article share. Massive group chat share= +100 views on the official account
  • PR+ Q&A: Ranking on page 1 of Baidu increasing both brand exposure and awareness
  • Creative part for Offline store:  Menu/ Wall design/Posters/Business Card
  • Offline and Online Marketing resulted in an increase in organic reviews on dianping.