CLIENT: Mel Science

Science experiment kits for children

Our Missions for Mel Science

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Mel Science was founded in 2015, is based in London, UK, and its annual revenues arrived at $12 million in the last year. Mel Science aims to provide lively and effective science experiment kits for children. The full range of products is developed by a team that includes eight PhDs and four Science Olympiads winners. The targeted market of Mel science is quite new in China, which leads to higher difficulty for GMA. Also, in order to have a deeper understanding of Mel science, GMA had several meetings with their executive team. As a result of that, GMA focused on improving e-reputation, creating brand image in the Chinese market, and hence increasing brand awareness.


  • Weibo: total number of followers increased is 23,100 in 8 months
  • Douyin: the total exposure on Douyin reached 190 million+
  • Little Red Book: total exposure is 12,000 for the last 30 days
  • E-reputation: on the Baidu search engine there are 2,770,000 results for MEL Science brand name (in English and Chinese), of which Zhihu 80% results are from our content
  • PR: 30 publication + 6 PR, 2 PR post ranking on the 1st page for a specific keyword
  • E-commerce: we registered and opened MEL Science’s official Taobao store and daily manage relationships with clients. We are also encharged of the store decoration design.