CLIENT: Matea Leko

A Croatian Young Pianist

Our Missions for Matea Leko

Weibo Account PR Undercover Marketing

The Brand & Campaign Context

Matea Leko began her journey on the classical piano by studying with Professor Ivanka Kordic. Her pursuit of knowledge in the Conservatory of Music led to many opportunities for performance, including performing Ravel: Piano Concerto No. 2 alongside Zagreb Philharmonic Orchestra which gained her public recognition and praise from critics throughout Croatia. Matea knows that it can be difficult for foreigners to break into the Chinese market and is looking at social media and personal branding as a way of making an impression. With this in mind, Matea contacted the agency to design for her a personal branding marketing strategy mainly focused on Chinese social media such as Weibo and E-wow.


  •  + 16K Weibo followers in the first 3 months of campaigns
  • Ongoing Project