CLIENT: Mario Cavolo

An Italian-American Writer in China

Our Missions for Mario Cavolo

Weibo Management Personal Branding

The Brand & Campaign Context

Since 1999, Mario Cavolo has been based in the Asia Pacific region for over 22 years, providing strategic communications, leadership development, and media and public relations training, consulting, and event services. As a trusted and respected communications consultant, executive coach, and course instructor, he is committed to helping managers in Chinese and foreign companies, government agencies, and other organizations cope with the unprecedented challenges of globalization. You may not have heard of Mario Cavolo before, but he's an entrepreneur who wants to make a difference in the world. As such, GMA helped him create a digital marketing plan that would help people learn more about his work and what motivates him. In order to increase Mario Cavolo "brand awareness" in China, We knew it was necessary for him to start using Weibo - one of China’s leading social media platforms with over 500 million users, and the source of many societal debates which falls rights into's Cavalo field of work.


  • + 30k Followers in 2 months
  • + 240K Playbacks of Videos in 1 month
  • + 346K Views of Weibo Account in 1 month