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Louise Misha - Bohemian Chic Clothing for Women, Children, and Baby.

Our Missions for Louise Misha

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Louise Misha is a journey, a perpetual need for escape. It has also been a story of friendship and a family story since our debut in 2012. But today, Louise Misha, it is above all an extraordinary human adventure shared between a close-knit and benevolent team, talented and respectful suppliers, and loyal customers always present by our side to make the heart of Louise Misha vibrate. Through each of her collections, Louise Misha plays with materials and colors to imagine a fashion in her image. The care taken to every detail is a signature. There is no constraint to give free rein to movement and freedom. Louise Misha advocates an art of living, values, and principles at the center of which the human being fits naturally. Louise Misha is a helping hand towards a fashion that makes it aware of its responsibility at each level of its development. Far beyond the manufacture of simple clothes, the brand strives to imagine a free and independent fashion, a fashion that preserves resources and a fashion that is committed to raising awareness. The brand needed GMA to increase its brand awareness and e-reputation in China through digital marketing campaigns on WeChat, Weibo & Little red Book thanks to KOLs.



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