CLIENT: LifeVantage

Direct selling health care products brand

Our Missions for LifeVantage

Q&A to build online reputation WeChat Official account Setup & Optimization WeChat Micro-Site Built in H5 for Lead Generation PR to increase awareness

The Brand & Campaign Context

Lifevantage has grown rapidly into a science-oriented company, founded in 2003. The company is committed to using scientific and effective products to help people build a healthy life, at the same time, through professional products and services, to improve the quality of life, to create and maintain the spirit of a healthy life, to help people improve their physical quality, improve their financial status, and enjoy a higher quality of life. In order to expand their business in China, LifeVantage contacted GMA to help them build a mini-site in WeChat and improve their online reputation to get more exposure and leads.


  • + 200% WeChat Engagement
  • + 250% Followers
  • Top Media Coverage