CLIENT: Larizia

Finest luxury fashion platforms from the UK featuring the very latest global designers

Our Missions for Larizia

Little Red Book KOC 11.11 Campaign 520 Campaign PR Q&A

The Brand & Campaign Context

Larizia opened in London in 1988 and quickly became a major shopping destination, focusing on designer shoes, bags, and accessories. Today, the brand has become the exclusive digital and proud curator of some of the world's most coveted luxury brands. Their fashion brands include Alexander McQueen to Saint Laurent. Larizia contacted GMA to increase the visibility of Larizia through user testimonials and KOCs (Key Opinion Consumers) content posts for 11.11 Single's Day. After a successful KOC campaign with a 1:130 ROI, Larizia decided to continue with us on the opening and management of their Little Red Book account and the improvement of their online reputation through Chinese press releases, blogs, and forums.


  • 1:130 ROI in the first month
  • +5K reactions to Little Red Book
  • +10K views on Little Red Book