CLIENT: La Rochelle Business School

La Rochelle Business School - French Grande École.

Our Missions for La Rochelle Business School

SEO Campaign Online Exposure E-Reputation

The Brand & Campaign Context

China accounts for the highest spending on education in Asia. When Japanese and Korean families respectively allocate 10% and 22% of their household income on education, in China that number goes up to 30% (2014). Highly valued because considered, as a way to improve your social status, being visible and getting e-reputation is the key to attract Chinese students in your classes. La Rochelle Business School is located on the French Atlantic coast. It was created in 1988 and is now part of the prestigious network of French Grandes Ecoles. This school provides different degrees: Bachelor, Master in Management, and specialized MBA programs. A Business School of Tourism was also created and offers training specialized in leisure, hospitality, and the event industry. With its Business Foundation Program, it aims at preparing international students to acquire the necessary skills to enter a French-taught program. La Rochelle Business School attracts many foreign students.


  • Business School website on 1st page of Baidu
  • Greater visibility on the Chinese web, in order to attract foreign students
  • 30 Chinese students per year