CLIENT: Jacques Lemans

Renowned premium and innovative watches brand from Austria

Our Missions for Jacques Lemans

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The Brand & Campaign Context

Jacques Lemans is a fashionable watch brand rising in Europe in the 20th century. The company is headquartered in Kernton, southern Austria, and was founded by Austrian Brudern Alfred and Norbert Riedl in 1977. The watches produced by Jacques Lemans have been sold to more than 110 countries around the world and on about 200 international routes. It is widely praised for its outstanding quality and fashionable design. It is a rising star in the watch industry. In order not to repeat the previous experience of failure in China, Jacques Lemans cooperated with GMA, which came up with an ambitious & comprehensive business plan for the luxury watch brand: brand awareness, social media content, and management (WeChat, Weibo, Little Red Book), online reputation (KOL, PR, QA), and e-commerce sales (Tmall, JD, RED). This close collaboration started more than 1 year ago, and GMA is happy to count Jacques Lemans is one of their long-term projects.


  • +10K followers on WeChat
  • +22K followers on Weibo
  • +10K followers on Little Red Book
  • +3M monthly exposure
  • +468% sales on Tmall between April and May 2022 after store improvement
  • Ranking among excellent stores on Tmall and above the industry average